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The SE Chap.-Logan

The three areas of the Southeast are: 1) Piedmont 2) Outer Coastal Plain 3) Appalachia
Three crops found in the Southeast are: citrus, rice, cotton, tobacco, peaches, sugar cane, soy, peanuts, corn
Two natural resources found in the Southeast are: trees & coal
Two of the earliest settlements in the United States were: St. Augustine, Jamestown, Roanoke
Three of the first four presidents from the Southeast were: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson
Two famous backwoodsmen from the Southeast were: Daniel Boone & Davy Crockett
One issue the northern & southern states were divided on was_________. slavery
The southern states wanted slaves to work on their_______________. plantations
Eleven southern states broke away, or __________,from the U.S. seceded
The_____________was a war between two groups within one country. Civil War
The northern states were called the_________. Union
The southern states were called the_____________. Confederacy
Cities like__________were destroyed. Atlanta
The __________states won the Civil War. northern
To rejoin the U.S., the southern states had to agree that former slaves had_________civil rights. equal
______________ is the rebuilding of places damaged by war. Reconstruction
______________developed a written alphabet for the Cherokee. Sequoyah
The first explorer of the southeast who was looking for the fountain of youth was________________. Juan Ponce de Leon
______________claimed all land in the Mississippi River Valley for France. Robert La Salle
_________________fought peacefully for civil rights and against segregation. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The law that made it legal to segregate blacks and whites was the________________law. Jim Crow
The____________were one Native American tribe of the southeast. Cherokee
A national park that is home to 600 types of animals is_______________ Everglades National Park
_____________is an area of the southeast in and around the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachia
______________-land sometimes covered with water. wetlands
Islands made from sand and mud left behind by glaciers are______________. barrier islands
____________-violent storms that form over the ocean. hurricanes
The long, sad journey the Cherokee took, by force, to Oklahoma is called the________________. Trail of Tears
Animals and plants that are in danger of becoming extinct are______________. endangered species
_______________-a nonrenewable resource formed from the remains of plants and animals. fossil fuel
When everyone agrees on an issue, it is a ______________. consensus
Two causes of the Civil War: 1) slavery 2) government control of the states
Created by: Mrs. Logan