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Ch. 3 Science 5th

5th Grade Science Chapter 3

What kind of animal does NOT have a backbone? invertebrate
What word means the passing of inherited traits from parents to offspring? heredity
What is a group of tissues that work together? organ
What is a word that means "different"? diversity
What kind of organism has parents that are quite different from each other? hybrid
The stomach, mouth, and intestines make up what? the digestive system
Most animals on Earth are what kind of animals? anthropods
What kind of behavior is nest-building behavior? inherited behavior
What is one of the simplest kinds of animals? sponge
What kind of animal breathes through lungs, has scales on its skin, and has leathery eggs? reptile
A cat that goes to its food bowl when hears the owner use a can opener to open cat food is showing what kind of behavior? learned behavior
What kind of a trait are a duck's webbed feet? inherited trait
What kind of animal feeds its young with milk? mammal
What feature do scientists use to divide all animals into two main groups? the presence or absence of a backbone
How might farmers produce hearty crops? by crossbreeding plants with different traits
What is an example of an Osterichthys? trout
What is an example of an Amphibia? toad
What is an example of an Aves? Pelican
What is an example of a Mammalia? Beluga Whale
What is an example of an insect? cricket
What is an example of an Arachnid? trap door spider
What is an example of a Reptilia? sea turtle
What is an example of a Porifera? sponge
What is a group of similar cells that have the same job or function? tissue
What kind of animal has a backbone? vertebrate
What kind of adaptation allows an animal to look like its surroundings? camouflage
What kind of adaptation allows an animals to look like something else? mimicry
What is a group of organs that work together? organ system
What is an example of a Crustacean? shrimp
Created by: Pacelli