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Level Orange Unit 18

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 18

to live in a place; to put up with; to have patience with abide
syn. - to lodge, nest, reside; to withstand, tolerate, accept abide
ant. - to move, leave; to reject, resist abide
a difference between things being compared; to compare for differences contrast
syn. - distinction, variation; to differentiate, separate contrast
ant. - likeness, similarity; to liken contrast
to make someone sad; to discourage depress
syn. - to upset depress
ant. - to comfort, encourage depress
dreary, gloomy; showing a lack of hope dismal
syn. - bleak, miserable, drab dismal
ant. - hopeful, cheerful dismal
to enlarge a statement beyond what is true exaggerate
syn. - to inflate, magnify exaggerate
ant. - to minimize, reduce exaggerate
having or showing a lack of interest indifferent
syn. - uninterested, uncaring indifferent
ant. - concerned, caring indifferent
showing great joy or excitement jubilant
syn. - glad, delighted jubilant
ant. - disappointed jubilant
a book of instructions; a handbook; involving the use of the hands manual
syn. - guide, reference book manual
ant. - automatic, mechanical manual
to bring into being originate
syn. - to create, begin originate
the act of recognizing; acknowledgement of achievement recognition
syn. - identification; appreciation, credit recognition
ant. - ignorance recognition
something given to show thank;s a compliment tribute
syn. - praise, acknowledgement tribute
ant. - blame, criticism tribute
to put in a certain place dispose
syn. - to arrange, order, organize dispose
ant. - to disturb dispose
Created by: bvos