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Level Orange Unit 17

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 17

almost exact or correct; to come close to or approach approximate
syn. - estimated, near approximate
ant. - exact approximate
to make or build by fitting parts together construct
syn. - to compose, create construct
ant. - to destroy, ruint construct
done or made without skill or care crude
syn. - basic, simple, rough crude
ant. - fancy, sophisticated crude
to refuse to accept or do something; a decrease in influence, strength, or amount decline
syn. - to reject; a weakening decline
ant. - to accept; an increase, a strengthening decline
not alike; different from others distinct
syn. - definite, one of a kind distinct
ant. - similar distinct
clear or plain to see evident
syn. - obvious, noticeable evident
ant. - unclear, hidden, unknown evident
a sudden wish or urge to do something impulse
syn. - desire, inclination impulse
ant. - aversion impulse
to explain the meaning or importance of interpret
syn. - to define, clarify, understand interpret
ant. - to misunderstand interpret
to adjust or adapt to a new or unfamiliar situation; to find one's position in relation to new surroundings orient
syn. - to familiarize orient
a part or division of something; the part of a circle included between two radii sector
syn. - piece, segment sector
ant. - whole sector
to present or hand in something; to surrender or give in to someone or something submit
syn. - to yield, obey submit
ant. - to defy submit
a strong interest or enjoyment zest
syn. - enthusiasm, passion, interest zest
ant. - apathy, dullness zest
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