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Level Orange Unit 16

Sadlier Vocab. Level orange Unit 16

to add to the appearance of, especially with pretty objects; to dress up adorn
syn. - to decorate, ornament, beautify, enhance adorn
ant. - to damage, mar, blemish adorn
to take over or use as one's own, often without premission; to set apart for a certain purpose appropriate
syn. - to seize, confiscate, steal; to allot; correct, proper appropriate
ant. - unfitting, unsuitable, inappropriate, improper appropriate
to meet or bring together; to put or fit parts together assemble
syn. - to convene, gather, congregate; to build, construct, join, connect assemble
ant. - to scatter, break up, disperse; to separate, divide assemble
amazingly large, great, or powerful in size or degree colossal
syn. - enormouse, huge, gigantic, massive, immense colossal
ant. - tiny, small, little colossal
producing a desired or conclusive resul;t having a strong impact; starting as of a particular date or time effective
syn. - capable, potent, impressive, striking, compelling; beginning effective
ant. - ineffective, futile, useless, weak effective
weak or lacking strength; likely to give in to temptation frail
syn. - delicate, feeble, sickly, slight, fragile, flimsy, brittle, breakable frail
ant. - sturdy, robust, hardy, healthy, firm, strong, solid frail
a person held prisoner by another or by an enemy and used in bargaining for certain demands hostage
syn. - a pawn hostage
a fast downhill movement of rocks or soil; any mass that slides down; a lopsided victory in an election landslide
syn. - an avalanche; a rout landslide
to rush around wildly or violently; violent, reckless, or wild behavior rampage
syn. - to rage; a riot, uproar, turmoil, frenzy rampage
to run or move quickly or playfully scamper
syn. - to dash, scurry, hurry, scoot, romp scamper
ant. - to lumber, lag, dawdle, stroll scamper
a sign of illness or of a physical problem; a sign that something else exists or is happening symptom
syn. - a signal, clue, indication; evidence symptom
a written order that allows for legal action; to declare for certain; to approve or guarantee; to serve as reason for warrant
syn. - an authorization, permit; to certify, promise, authorize, justify warrant
Created by: bvos