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Level Orange Unit 15

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 15

to take another person's child into one's family; to use as one's own; to accept or approve adopt
syn. - to choose, select; to endorse, assume adopt
ant. - to reject, disown, refuse, renounce, abandon, desert adopt
capable of moving easily, quickly, and gracefully; mentally quick agile
syn. - nimble, spry, limber; alert, sharp agile
ant. - clumsy, heavy; slow agile
to study the parts of something in order to understand what it is, how it is put together, or how it works; to study carefully or in detail analyze
syn. - to examine, inspect, investigate, evaluate, test; to dissect analyze
to gie help or support; the act of helping; in sports, an action that helps a teammate score or get a player out assist
syn. - to aid, boost, contribute assist
ant. - to hamper, hinder, obstruct; an obstruction assist
to talk foolishly or too much; to make meaningless sounds; to make a gurgling sound; a mix of meaningless sounds, usually as made by water babble
syn. - to chatter, jabber, prattle, gab; drivel, nonsense, murmur babble
the state of being confined or held agains one's will captivity
syn. - confinement, imprisonment, bondage captivity
ant. - freedom, liberty captivity
an olive brown or brownish gray color; marked by dullness; like the color drab; cheerless drab
syn. - dull, dingy, colorless uninteresting, lackluster; dreary drab
ant. - colorful, cheerful, bright drab
causing death, destruction, or ruin fatal
syn. - deadly, lethal, disastrous fatal
ant. - hamrless, heathful fatal
the quality of being charitalbe to others in thought or action; willingness to give; an act of giving generosity
syn. - charity, unselfishness generosity
ant. - stinginess, cheapness, greed generosity
real, actually being what somehting appears to be; true or reliable; sincere or honest genuine
syn. - authentic, original, actual; valid; trustworthy, earnest, frank genuine
ant. - fake, false, artificial, unreal; insincere, phony genuine
against the law; against the rules illegal
syn. - unlawful, criminal, outlawed; forbidden, prohibited illegal
ant. - lawful, allowed, legal illegal
the fact of deserving something; a quality that deserves reward or praise; worth or value; to deserve, be worthy of merit
syn. - excellence, virtue, quality, worthiness; to earn, justify, rate merit
ant. - disgrace, dishonor, failing, shortcoming, defect, flaw, fault merit
Created by: bvos