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Level Orange Unit 14

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 14

without flaws or imperfections; without limits; without doubt absolute
syn. - pure, perfect; entire, complete, unlimited; certain, sure absolute
ant. - flawed; limited, incomplete, restricted; uncertain absolute
an enclosed space used for sports or shows; a field of interest, activity, conflict, or debate arena
syn. - a stadiu, theater, auditorium; field, scene arena
a remark or action that shows admiration, praise, or approval; (used in the plural) good wishes; to give praise or admiration to compliment
syn. - congratulations; regards; to flatter, applaud, salute compliment
ant. - blame, criticism; to insult, denounce, criticize compliment
to think about or discuss very carefully; done or said on purpose; careful; at a slow pace deliberate
syn. - to consider, debate, weigh; intentional; thoughtful, purposeful deliberate
ant. - unwitting, impulsive; careless, haphazard, hasty, hurried deliberate
close or packed together; thick; stupid dense
syn. - compact, solid, crowded; dull-witted, thickheaded dense
ant. - sparse, open, scattered, thin; alert, clever, smart dense
above all others; leading or controlling; having the most power dominant
syn. - chief, main, first, foremost; commanding dominant
ant. - inferior, secondary; humble, modest dominant
involving risk or danger hazardous
syn. - dangerous, perilous, risky, unsafe hazardous
ant. - safe, certain, secure hazardous
to crowd close together; to form a closely packed group; to get together to discuss something; a tightly packed group; a meeting or discussion; in football, a quick meeting of players on the field to plan the next play huddle
syn. - to bunch, cluser; to gather; a bunch, conference huddle
something that cannot be avoided or done without; great need necessity
syn. - a requirement, an essential, a must; a want necessity
ant. - an option, an extra, a luxury necessity
to break a law or rule; to cause hurt feelings, anger, or injury offend
syn. - to embarrass, displease, insult, upset, irritate, annoy, wound offend
ant. - to please, charm, soothe offend
to get back; to reach again regain
syn. - to recover regain
ant. - to lose, forfeit regain
carried out to completion; complete in eery detail; extremely careful or exact thorough
syn. - exhaustive, extensive, total, full thorough
ant. - incomplete, partial, limited, unfinished; cursory, inadequate thorough
Created by: bvos