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Level Orange Unit 13

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 13

having to do with an idea or quality rather than an object; hard to understand; (in art)with little likeness to real people or things abstract
syn. - conceptual, theorietical; obscure abstract
ant. - real, concrete; realistic abstract
to unite or join for a special purpose; a person or country join with another for a special purpose ally
syn. - to associate; a partner ally
ant. - an enemy, opponent ally
to choose (someone) for a position or duty; to decide on appoint
syn. - to designate, assign, elect appoint
ant. - to dismiss, remove, suspend appoint
paying attention; thoughtful and polite attentive
syn. - alert; considerate, coureous attentive
ant. - inattentive; inconsiderate attentive
something extra or beyond what is owed or expected bonus
syn. - a reward, benefit, gift, prize bonus
ant. - a penalty, deduction, fine bonus
without troubles, worries, or responsibilities carefree
syn. - untroubled, lighthearted carefree
ant. - troubled, worried, anxious carefree
polite, thoughtful, or considerate behavior; a polite act; a favor courtesy
syn. - care, concern, regard, politeness, thoughtfulness courtesy
to make something, especially using machinery; to make up; the making of something manufacture
syn. - to assemble, construct, build, produce, to invent, concoct manufacture
a lack of confidence; to have no confidence in; to be suspicious of; to doubt mistrust
syn. - doubt, uncertainty, suspicion; to question, disbelieve mistrust
ant. - trust, confidence, belief; to trust, believe mistrust
ant. - rudeness, disregard, discourtesty courtesy
easy to see; likely to be observed; worthy of attention noticeable
syn. - observable, visible, obvious, evident noticeable
ant. - overlooked, hidden, obscure noticeable
to overturn; to bring about the fall or end of; an act of bringing down; defeat overthrow
syn. - to remove, bring down, topple, destroy, ruin collapse, ruin overthrow
ant. - to preserve, support, restore overthrow
not like the normal or usual; odd or curious; belonging to a particular group, person, place, or thing peculiar
syn. - bizarre, unusual, strange peculiar
ant. - ordinary, routine, regular peculiar
Created by: bvos