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Level Orange Unit 11

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 11

to close off or keep people or supplies from going in or out; the closing off of an enemey nation, city, port, or ara, usually by the military; something that closes off or keeps out blockade
syn. - to barricade; a siege; a barrier blockade
ant. - to open blockade
to sing; to recite in a tone that may not vary at all; a song in such a tone; words or phrases repeated in rhythm chant
syn. - to intone, vocalize; a hymn, incantation, singsong, recitation chant
to give up all hope, lose heart; total loss of hope; a cuase of loss of hope despair
syn. - hopelessness despair
ant. - to hope, take heart, hopefullness despair
to lift up; to raise in position or rank; to raise the moral level of elevate
syn. - to hoist, to advance, promote elevate
ant. - to lower, to demote elevate
beyond the usual or expected; highly unusual or rare extraordinary
syn. - great, exceptional, amazing, remarkable extraordinary
ant. - ordinary, usual, average, run-of-the-mill extraordinary
brave, noble, or larger than life; involving extreme effort heroic
syn. - courageous, bold, fearless, gallant heroic
ant. - cowardly, minimal, trivial heroic
a long metal-tipped weapon used by knights or soldiers on horseback; any sharp pointed instrument that resembles such a weapon; to pierce with or as if with a lance; to open a wound lance
syn. - a spear, shaft; to puncture, cut open lance
a person on an assignment, often of a religious nature; someone sent by a church to a foreign land to teach religion and do charity work; related to or involved with such an assignment missionary
syn. - a preacher missionary
having no meaning or effect pointless
syn. - senseless, aimless, futile, meaningless, worthless, ineffective, unproductive pointless
ant. - fitting, meaningful, sensible, effectie, valuable pointless
to throw back as heat, light, or sound; to give back an image of, as a mirror; to make apparent; to show or demonstrate; to think deeply about reflect
syn. - to copy, echo, return; to reveal; to consider, ponder, muse reflect
ant. - to absorb, retain, to disregard, ignore reflect
a location, scene, or place where something was, is, or will be site
syn. - a spot, position site
poisonous or deadly toxic
syn. - dangerous, harmful, venomous, lethal toxic
ant. - safe, harmless, nontoxic toxic
Created by: bvos