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Level Orange Unit 10

Sadlier Vocab. Level Orange Unit 10

deep worry or suffering; being in danger or trouble; to trouble or upset; to cause worry or stress distress
syn. - anguish, anxiety, grief, torment, to bother, disturb, irritate distress
ant. - calm, joy, delight, to calm, gladden, comfort, soothe distress
to wet or soak through and through; to cover or fill completely drench
syn. - to saturate, flood, douse, sop, drown drench
ant. - to dry, parch drench
to live, especially in a particular place; to remain, stay; to keep one's attention on something dwell
syn. - to inhabit, reside; to linger, last dwell
not fully grown; of or meant for children or young people; foolsing or immature juvenile
syn. - youthful, childish, a youth, minor juvenile
ant. - mature, developed; an adult juvenile
standing apart from others due to excellence; unpaid outstanding
syn. - remarkable, great, noteworthy, unusual, superior outstanding
ant. - ordinary, regular, usual, average oustanding
to go on or continue in an orderly way to start again after a pause; to start an action, move proceed
syn. - to advance, progress proceed
ant. - to reced, retreat, stand, stay, stop proceed
an official record book; the range of a voice or musical instrument; a machine that records data register
syn. - a roster, catalog, ledger; to enrol, enlist, join; to express register
ant. - to withdraw register
to put through a strainer to separate or break up lumps; to sort through or examine sift
syn. - to separate, filter, screen; to study sift
a lively or wild outburst of activity spree
syn. - a riot, binge, bash, fling, splurge spree
not on time, delayed; slow-moving tardy
syn. - late, overdue, sluggish tardy
ant. - early, prompt tardy
not suitable or proper; not good enough; unhealthy unfit
syn. - bad, improper, inappropriate; inadequate, unqualified; incompetent unfit
ant. - suitable, proper, appropriate, qualified; healthy, fit, sound unfit
change, lack of sameness; a number of different forms or types; a category of plants or animals variety
syn. - diversity, difference; an assortment variety
ant. - sameness, unity variety
Created by: bvos