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Crim Just. NSSE


Presidential Decision Directive 62 of 1998 (Clinton) *Indicated the roles and responsibilities for the Secret Service in NSSE's *This solidified the Secret Service being involved in NSSE's Presidential Protection Act of 2000 To provide clearer coverage over threats against former Presidents and members of their families, and for other purposes.
Mandated Role Secret service are the main leaders of NSSE's where groups such as the FBI and FEMA branch out and lead thing like crisis and consequence management.
Goals These help us be better prepared and allow us to not rule out anything that could possibly happen
Professor Jack Greene
Unplanned/Spur of the Moment Riots, crowds, etc.
Businesses/Community help Just as in the other video of COPS that was shown, citizens and businesses are used to help things run more smoothly
Protection/Constitutional Rights Freedom of Speech Freedom of Assembly
Federal Official Awareness DHS State Homeland Security Advisors informed and engaged so that if help is needed it can be given
HAZMAT/WMD hazardous materials
Inter agency Working with different agencies
Munich Olympics of 1972 Tragedy because they didn't have proper protocol to counteract situation like this
National Special Security Event RNC Report *A significant domestic or international event, occurrence, contest, activity, or meeting which by virtue of its profile and/or status represents an attractive target for terrorist attack. *Events of national significance which by virtue of their political, economic, social, or religious significance may be targets of terrorism or other criminal activity. *Events include presidential inaugurations, major international summits held in the United States, major sporting events, and presidential nominating conventions.
Created by: KyronCox