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CH_MH final

community and mental health nursing final

Number suffering from a specific condition at any one time. Prevalence or incidence? (prevalence)
Number new cases of a particular condition within a given period of time. Prevalence or incidence (incidence
3 core functions: assessment, policy dev, assurance
Primary, secondary or tertiary prevention? immunizing infants for diphtheria. primary
Primary, secondary or tertiary prevention? screening for vision problems . Secondary prevention detects problems (screening) and dictates early treatment.
Primary, secondary or tertiary prevention? Examinations of geriatric diabetic clients in a high-rise and thus helping to avoid complications. Tertiary prevention keeps existing problems from getting worse.
3 levels of practice systems, community, individual
Epidemiologic triangle host, agent, environment
Rural – Communities having less than how many residents? or fewer than ___persons per square mile 20, 000. 99
Disaster prevention, preparedness, response or recover? Vaccinations and reporting of environmental hazards preventions
Disaster prevention, preparedness, response or recover? Supply kits. Disaster preparedness
Manmade or natural disaster? Transportation accident, Pollution, Communicable disease epidemic, Fire transportation-man, pollution- comm dis- fire-
category A agents Anthrax, Botulinum Toxin, Pneumonic Plague, Smallpox, Tularemia, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever.
Mourning, Bereavement or Grief? time period of grief and mourning bereavement
Mourning, Bereavement or Grief? death rituals mourning
Mourning, bereavement or Grief? emotional response to loss grief
Created by: kerinska