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Point of intersection on the coordinate plane origin
Relates lengths of sides of a triangle; demonstrates how legs and hypotenuse relate Pythagorean theorem
Set of lengths for the sides of a right triangles which are integers system of equations
Sum of areas of lateral areas surface areas
Find one variable and substitute it into another equation to find other variables range
Sum of the lateral area and area of bases surface area
A change made to a figure Transformation
Variable that provides the output values of y=mx+b Dependent variables
Reducing or Enlarging a figure Dilation
Set of all possible x values to input into y=mx+b Domain
A line that divides a parabola into two matching halves; usually at the vertex axis of symmetry
Data in which the entire circle represents the whole circle graph
An educated guess; with predicting inference
A math equation with greeter than or less than inequality
Make conclusions with what must always be true in a function Interpret
Describe a function in terms of its parts Conjecture
A mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign equation
Probability based on repeating an event Experimental probability
Shading or dotting graphs of an inequalities to find solution Graphing inequalities
A variable that provides the input of y=mx+b ind├ępendant variables
Repeating patterns (fractal) iterations
Average Mean
middle median
most repeated mode
The sides other than the bases Lateral face
Uses line segments between known data points to show changes that have occurred over time Parabola
The set of all possible y values Range
The vertical axis on the coordinate plane y-axis
The y-coordinate of the point which crosses y-axis y-intercept
Correspond to a point on a graph that has y coordinate of 0 Zeroes
Turns figure around a fixed point Rotation
Mirrors a figure over a line Reflection
An ordered list of numbers Sequences
The highest point of a parabola vertex
The horizontal axis on a coordinate plane x axis
the x coordinate where it crosses the x axis x intercept
moves all pointa the same distance and direction translations
A letter that stands for a number variable
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