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Geography/Pharaohs Ancient Egypt-Vocab.

silt a mixture of tiny bits of soil and rock.
delta very fertile, flat land made of silt left behind as a river drains into a larger body of water.
irrigation the watering of land by means of canals or pipes.
unification the joining of separate parts into one.
pharaoh ruler of Egypt.
economy the way people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services.
hieroglyphics a system of writing developed by ancient Egyptians which was made up of about 800 picture-signs.
scribe a person who kept written records for Pharaoh about the details of their government.
papyrus a reed that grows along the Nile River which was used to make a kind of paper.
empire a group of lands and people ruled by one government.
expedition a group of people who go on a trip for a set reason.
scale a unit of measure that relates distance on the map to distance on Earth.
small-scale map measures distance in larger units; gives the "big picture" of a place.
large-scale map measures distance in smaller units; gives more details about smaller areas.
social pyramid pyramid-shaped diagram of Egyptian society that included Pharoah at the top & slaves at the bottom.
slavery the practice of one person owning another person.
Nubia were thriving due to gold mines and trade networks was to the south of egypt
Kush was an important trading partner with Egypt that lay to the south, they traded ebony,ivory and animal hides
Punt tis country was south of egypt and traded gold,perfume,ivory,incense and apes.
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