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Chap. 4 & 5-Logan

The Northeast is divided into 2 groups. The _________and__________ States. Mid Atlantic New England
A natural wonder located between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario is_____________. Niagara Falls
The force of water flowing from Niagara Falls is a great source of______________. hydropower
The oldest mountain range in North America is the____________________. Appalachian Mountain Range
The 3 smaller mountain ranges located within the Appalachian Range are: 1)White 2)Green 3)Catskill
Each Northeast state except_________ and__________share borders with the Atlantic Ocean. Pennsylvania Vermont
Maine's rocky coastline is dotted with________to help ships steer to safety. lighthouses
New Jersey's sandy beaches are known as _____________by vacationers. The Shore
New York has many_________, or places where grapes are grown. vineyards
Massachusetts has over half of the ___________farms in the U.S. cranberry
Cranberries are grown in _______, or areas of soft, spongy land. bogs
Vermont is famous for producing______ _______ from the ______of sugar maple trees. maple syrup sap
Two minerals that can be found in the Northeast are: marble granite
_________________got its name from a Native American word meaning "Great Shellfish Bay". Chesapeake Bay
What are 2 challenges that Chesapeake Bay faces? 1)Pollution 2)Overfishing
Working together to get things done is called:_____________ cooperation
Instead of teepees the Narragansett lived in___________, or huts made of poles and bark. wigwams
An area of land set aside for Native Americans is a__________________. reservation
One of the first colonies in the U.S. was in_____________, _____________. Plymouth Massachusetts
A fight the colonists started to overthrow the government was a_____________. revolution
What three cities has the U.S. capital been in? 1)New York City 2)Philadelphia 3)Washington D.C.
_______________was an immigration station located in New York Harbor from 1892 to 1954. Ellis Island
An__________ is someone who fought against slavery. abolitionist
Three abolitionists are: 1)Fredrick Douglas 2)Sojourner Truth 3)William Lloyd Garrison
The______Amendment abolished slavery. 13th
The_____Amendment gave women the right to vote. 19th
Three women who helped in the women's rights movement were: 1)Elizabeth Cady Stanton 2)Susan B. Anthony 3)Lucretia Mott
Three major cities in the Northeast are: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia
Cities in the Northeast are centers of culture, transportation, and_____. commerce
Created by: Mrs. Logan

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