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Crim. Justice Chpt 9


intermediate sentencing??? incentive for criminals to rehabilitate . Judge’s discretion to set upper and lower limits on prison terms. Circumstances taken into consideration .
critiques of intermediate sentencing? Inequality in sentencing . Personal or social characteristics affect discretion. Time served is less than the sentence.
3 principles of structured sentencing? Proportionality. Equity. Social debt.
determinate sentencing ? Fixed terms, reduced by good time or gain time . Advisory sentencing guidelines. Presumptive sentencing guidelines.
sentencing is structured by what 2 factors? Offense level. crim. history
other sentencing structures? Three strikes laws. Mandatory sentencing
what are some alternatives in sentencing? Taking classes. Fine. Victim offender mediation .
Presentence investigation ? Presentence investigation report. Probation or parole offices. Sentencing recommendation could be made.
Victim’s rights? Protected form the accused. Be heard in public proceeding . Notified of the offender’s release or escape.
Death: the ultimate sanction? death penalty. Capital offenses >E.g. first degree murder, treason Time-consuming >Writs of habeas corpus >Opposition to capital punishment
goals of sentencing? Retribution. Incapacitation . Deterrence rehab restoration
what kind of deterrence is there? general and specific
Created by: KyronCox