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Crim. Justice Chpt 8

Courtroom Workgroup and Criminal Trial

Federal judges? Nom. by Pres. and Confirmed by State
State judges? >Election or appointment >Political Agenda
Prosecutor? Rep for people 4 year term. Legal advisor to local police agencies. Has burden of proof Goal >Efficient Prosecution
Defense Attorney? Represent the accused. Private attorney -money
6th Amendment (Def.Attorney)? Court-appointed counsel. Public defender
Ethics of Defense (DA) Truth or victory? >Public good or personal interest?
Other Professionals include what?? Bailiff >Law enforcement officer Trial court administrator >Record keeping and scheduling Court reporter >Stenography Clerk of court > Record keeping >preparing evidence >Jury summons Expert witnesses >Education, experience, publication, or awards
Outsiders? Lay witnesses >Direct knowledge >Cross-examination Jurors >Reflecting the values, rationality, and common sense of the average person victim. defendant . Spectators and PRess
What is the purpose of the Crim. Trial? determine guilt.
adversarial system ? >As opposed to the inquisitional system >Advocate for each party, regardless of truth
Speedy trail ? Sixth Amendment Speedy Trial Act 90 to 120 days
Jury Selection Sixth Amendment: an impartial jury
Challenges with Jury Selection Challenges to the array challenges for cause Peremptory challenges
purpose of an opening statement > what the attorneys intend to prove and what proof will be offered >Good faith ethical requirement
direct evidence Fact without inferences.
Circumstantial evidence? Inferences required to draw conclusions
Physical evidence? Direct or circumstantial
Documentary evidence ? Usually circumstantial. Digital evidence .
testimonial evidence direct or circumstantial
Admissibility ? Relevant and useful . Prejudicial . Constitutional .
Harmless error rule ? jury would have made the same verdict without the presence of the evidence in question .
Testimony ? Competence. Perjury. Hearsay rules are the exceptions
closing arguments ? summary of the evidence . Defense rebuttal . Refreshing memory . Judge’s charge to the jury will follow .
jury deliberations? verdict deadlock prob. with jury system
Courtroom work group? >Familiar with court procedures >Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, public defenders, and others >Informal rules, cooperation, and shared goals
The Judge
American Bar Association? Judge's Duty
Chief judge? Management
Created by: KyronCox