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Crim. Justice Chpt 7

The Courts

State Courts consist of what??? >Trial court >Appellate court >State supreme court
What do Federal Courts consist of?? >US district courts >US courts of appeals >US supreme court
What can State Legislatures do? >are free to create laws
State trial court? (fact finding) >Lower courts >Adversarial process
State appellate court? >Courts of appeals (only 39 states) >Supreme courts
What is an Appeal? >Review written records of lower courts Can be Remanded (new trial) Appeal to the US Supreme Court (constitutional rights)
What does the Federal District Court consist of?? >US District Court
US District Courts? >Both civil and criminal cases >94 federal judicial districts >US bankruptcy courts >650 district court judges
What are common things about Court Judges Appointed by president and confirmed by Senate. Serve for life.
What do the US Courts of Appeal consist of? >12 original circuits >167 judges >The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit >Three types of appeals
What are the 3 types of Appeals? >Frivolous appeals >Ritualistic appeals >Nonconsensual appeals
What is a Judicial Review? >Interpret what the law is >Majority decisions (concur or dissent)
What do Pretrial Activities consist of?? First Appearance The Grand Jury Prelim. Hearing Arraignment and Plea
What does First Appearance consist of?? >48 hours after arrest Probable cause hearing (arrest without a warrant). Pretrial release or pretrial detention. Risk of flight and risk of public safety.
What 2 purposes does Bail or Alternatives serve? They make sure you come back They believe you have not been convicted.
What is a Grand Jury? 23 citizens. Defendant not present. Indictment (majority decision).
What is a Preliminary Hearing? Instead of using a grand jury. “Information “. The defendant is present. Competence to stand trial.
What 2 purposes does the Arraignment and the plea??? Three pleas: guilty, not guilty, nolo contendere. Plea bargaining.
What does the American Court System consist of??? >Jurisdiction >State court >Federal court
US Supreme Courts consist of what? >Nine justices >Judicial review
What is common with Justices? Nominated by President Serves for Life Confirmed by Senate
Created by: KyronCox