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Geography Test 2013

Weaknesses, Regions, Scandinavia and Middle East

The capital of Norway is Oslo
The capital of Sweden is Stockholm
The capital of Finland is Helsinki
The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen
The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík
The dominant landforms in Scandinavia are Islands and Peninsulas
This country is unique in Scandinavia for its waterfalls Iceland
What kind of resource is the wind? Flow
What kind of resource are trees? Renewable
Once you use this resource, it is no longer available to you Non-renewable
This is a group of places that are tied together by culture, geography, history, or purpose Region
What is similar in the flags of all the Scandinavian countries? They all use the cross
What is the "Happiest" country in the world? Denmark
Man stopped chasing animals for food when he discovered that he could do this to them: Domesticate
Controlling the behavior of plants and animals is known as Domestication
When man changes his location to find better sources of food or shelter this is an example of this theme of geography movement
This city is considered sacred by three major religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity Jerusalem
The two main rivers in Iraq Tigris and Euphrates
What kind of resource is water Flow
This type of line helps us understand climate Latitude
We use these lines to help understand time zones Longitude
This strait is critical to the flow of oil out of the Persian Gulf Strait of Hormuz
This is the critical physical feature of Egypt River Nile
The Holiest city in Islam Mecca
The capital of Egypt Cairo
The capital of Iran Tehran
This is the lowest point on the earth's surface The Dead Sea
Another name for a line of longitude Meridian
Another name for a Parallel Line of Latitude
Which Middle East country has an indoor ski slope and man-made Palm Tree Islands? United Arab Emirates
What is the predominant religion of the Middle East? Islam
What is the predominant religion of Scandinavia? Christianity
What is the primary economic function of the Middle East Region? Oil extraction
What type of region differs depending on who is speaking about it, because each of us has a different idea of that area perceptual region
What is the major mountain chain in Afghanistan? Hindu Kush
What wonder of the World is located in Egypt? The Pyramids
What Wonder of the World is located in Jordan? Petra
The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with this sea Red Sea
If man cuts down trees to make houses, we are seeing this theme of geography: Human/Environmental Interaction
When we send our ideas to others over the Internet, we are practicing this theme of geography: Movement
Spreading the Islamic religion throughout the Middle East is an example of this theme of geography: Movement
The ice hotel is made primarily from what type of resource? Flow: water
Animal skins used for clothing is what type of resource? renewable.
If man's actions cause animals to become extinct, what theme of geography is this? Human/Environmental Interaction.
The dominant landforms in the Middle East are Deserts and Mountains
This region is comprised of countries that share history, culture, experiences, and climate Scandinavia
This region is riddled with political and religious conflict Middle East
If I build a dam to help irrigate my corn field, what am I providing you an example of in geography? Human/Environmental Interaction
One physical feature of Iceland: 15 volcanoes
One of the most visible physical features of Scandinavia: Its many fjords
The country with the most McDonald's per person in Europe and also the longest life expectancy Sweden
If Syria attacks Turkey, how will that affect the United States (potentially) The US and Turkey are allies in NATO. We are obligated to help them if they ask.
This Scandinavian country is an island Iceland
This Middle East country is an island Bahrain
The International Date Line runs generally along this line of longitude 180 degrees.
This is the capital of Iraq Baghdad
This is the capital of Israel Jerusalem
What kind of resource is the Sun? Flow
This mountain chain runs through the center of Italy Apennines Mountains
This river runs through Paris, France (and if Madi falls in it she'll go insane) River Seine
This is a line of longitude Prime Meridian
The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea are connected by this The Strait of Gilbraltar
This mountain chain provides part of the land boundary between Europe and Asia Ural Mountains
The only country inside a city Vatican City
Egypt overthrew its President and elected a man named Mohammed Morsi to the Presidency. Mr. Morsi leads what terrorist organization? Muslim Brotherhood
The Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed by Egypt until the "Arab Spring" uprisings in Egypt. It is the terror organization that fathered this terror group: Al Qaeda
The Gaza Strip borders Egypt and this country Israel
The Gaza Strip is the home of this terror group Hamas
This is the mountain in Turkey that is believed to be the resting place of Noah's Ark Mt. Ararat
The major cultural group occupying the Gaza Strip are Palenstinians
What is the major terrorist organization in Lebanon? Hezbollah
Who is the primary supporter of Syria in discussions with the USA? Russia
What is the major issue causing the US to threaten military action in Syria? The use of Chemical Weapons on their own people.
Who is the President of Syria? President Bashar al Assad
Who is the President of Russia President Vladimir Putin
What is the major issue concerning Iran? The threat of acquiring Nuclear Weapons.
What is the capital of Syria? Damascus
What is the capital of Saudi Arabia? Riyadh
What country boasts the home of Santa Claus? Finland
This capital was the site of the murder of 243 US Marines by terrorists in 1983 Beirut