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national OT exam

This is an open collaborative study guide for the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy Exam; The National Occupational Therapy Exam. It is compiled of questions recalled from the exam itself, the TOTEM study guide, online study questions ect. This way you can study in the style you want, and on your phone, when you want. We recommend a program that tracks performance on like AnyMemo. Because it's open accuracy can't be guaranteed.
What is Arthrogryposis? And what are the 4 treatments? Congenital joint contractures. Promote ROM, hand eye coordination, splinting, Facilitate head positioning
What are the 4 symptoms of ADHD? inattention, distractablility, impulsivity, unfinished tasks, restlessness
What 5 treatments may assist with ADHD? Short tasks, volunteer work to build skills, checklists of tasks, Sensory feedback, use of alarm clocks
What are the 4 main symptoms of Autism Disorders? Inability to socially interact, Sensation hypersensitivity, stereotype/repetitive behaviors, Impaired self care occupations
What are the 3 common treatments? Independent self-care, Solitary-parellel-cooperative play rules, Deep pressure or other distraction stimuli,
What should be on all notes? Recieved referral, chart reviewed, benifits and risks of treatment explained, informed consent recieved by
Give an example of a client giving consent for ROM OT discussed ROM with clients. Risks and benifits discussed with client, client verbally consented
What should be on all notes? Recieved referral, chart reviewed, benifits and risks of treatment explained, informed consent recieved by
What are the parts to informed consent? Outline treatment, who will be performing the treatment, how consent was given, risks, benifits, alternatives, agreement, ability to revoke consent
Give an example of a client giving consent for ROM OT discussed ROM with clients. Risks and benifits discussed with client, client verbally consented
Who's responsibility is it to get consent? The most responsible practicioner
When does consent need to be obtained? Whenever therapy is going to be changed in a measurable way
For clients without capacity where and when should consent be gathered? Consent from legal decision maker before any therapy
If a legal guardian consents to therapy but the client refuses what do you do? Do not give therapy. We do not force therapy on anyone
What is the OT role in acute care? Joint protection (splints), skin protection, eating ax, equipment and training for ADLs, evaluate cognition, ax wheelchairs, discharge service recommendations
What are the main assessments areas performed in acute care? Delerium, Cognition, Self-care
What is a hollister/comfy boot used for? prevent pressure on heal, prevent rotation of leg
What is Charcot-Marie Tooth disease? A hereditory peripheral neurological disease with clawing of the feet/hands and laxity of the limb
What occupational issues may arise with Charcot-marie tooth disease? Walking, using the limbs, injuries to the limbs
How does an injury effect driving? Insurance will not cover individuals driving with an injury
What should be included in the Subjective? Rec'd referral, review of chart, relavent medical and social history or why referred/treatment done, how client presented, verbal consent
If you have a referral for a client, but you think they may have been discharged before you see them what do you need to do? Check the discharge sheet at the nursing desk, get the discharge date and discharge them on Meditech
What characteristics suggest a Designated Supportive Living Level 3? Medically and Behaviorally stable, Mobilizes independently or with on person assist, Need med, meals, transportation prepared or continence assist
What are the exclusion criteria for DSL3's? Complete meal assist, Can't use call bell 2 person assist, Behaviorally unstable
What characteristics suggest a Designated Supportive Living Level 4? Complete assist for ADL's, Two person transfer assist, Medically complex but stable
What are the exclusion for DSL4? Unpredictable behavior, Medically unstable
What are the characteristics suggesting an Designated Supportive Living Level 4 Dementia? Unpredictable behaviors, Dementia
What is the exclusion behavior for DSL4D? Threatening behaviors, Medically behaviour
What is the characteristics of a Long term care facility? Complex, unpredictable medical needs, end of life needs, Risky behaviors
If someone is going back to a facility with higher needs, what should be done? Get informed consent to call the facility and notify them
What and When is FIM used for? To measure what a client can currently do within 72hrs of discharge
What is considered a one person assist for a tub transfer? Putting one leg into tub
How is ambulation measured as fully independent? In terms of one city block
What is a code66? Massive change in respiration, heart rate or oxygen saturation, sudden change in conciousness
What should you do during code66? Stay with patient, treat for shock, bring code cart, stay with patient and inform medical team
What is a code blue? Acute cardiac or respiratory distress
What should be reported about consent? Type (written, verbal, expressed, or implied), Who (client or cargiver), Explained benifits, risks, options, that they can withdraw any time
When does written consent need to be obtained? For high risk activities
When providing therapy or obtaining consent from PDD clients what is another option? Having the PDD consultant rehab team
Equipment for PDD clients can be obtained where? The lending cupboard, the Red Cross, Michener Services
Before ax or treating a pt. what Required Organizational Practices (ROP's) need to be performed? Use two patient identifiers
What two patient identifiers that should be used? Name, date of birth and wrist band
What should be the prime 2 reasons behind charting? So that the next therapist knows the next step and what was done, accountability
What are the main assessment area's of OT in acute? Functional transfers-chair, bed, car, toilet Toileting-transfers, continence, hygiene Dressing Grooming IADLs
What should be under the objective section of the SOAP note? Step by step replicate what was done
What should be under the Assessment section of the SOAP note? Your interpretation, noticed changes, what the assessment or treatment suggest
What should be under the Plan section of the SOAP note? A SMART goal. What you plan to do, When, How you will know it's complete
The natural tendency for people to get better, or extremes to become less so is called what? Regression towards the mean
What is blinding ? When neither the experimenter or participants know they are part of the study group
What is a method of recruiting participants that decreases errors in a study? Randomization, wait list randomization/neglect
What is it called when you collect all of the results of multiple studies to draw a conclusion? A meta-analysis
What factors of a placebo will have an effect? Color, number of pills, form of administration, packaging, believed cost, belief of the administrator, pt. expectation
People with different lives will likely be different in other ways, this is called what? Confounding variables
When a result is related to an outcome, not the specific one your interested, but possibly related what is that called? A surrogate outcome
What is a systematic review? Using an explicit search strategy to review the methodology of studies on a subject without knowing results till after.
What steps need to be perfomed for a FIM? Review chart, Complete functional and FIM. Chart
When a person has a limb surgery, especially a leg, what do you need to review? The weightbearing status of the client
What does a p-value of 0.05 mean? It means that if you ran the study 100 times you might get the same result by chance 5 times
What is corrective clustering? It's when data points are related (eg. social influence) in a study
What is the side effect of studying something extreemely rare? It means the statistics predicting it become extreemely innacurrate
What is a case control study? A study of people with something in common and a group with out
What is an cohort study? You compare a group that was exposed vs. not and check the outcome
Who is an OT "client"? an individual, family, agency, organization or community with an occupational performance issue
What four attributes may affect occupational performance? physical, cognitive, affective, and spiritual attributes
Knowledge about what 4 aspects may affect knowledge about community and large social groups? Understanding social, cultural, organizational and institutional elements
The environment includes what? physical, social, cultural and institutional elements that influence occupational performance
What is occupation? Includes: self-care, productivity, and leisure but also includes engagement, performance as well as occupational justice and deprivation
What are the 5 main stages of the Canadian practice process framework? 1.Initiate therapeutic relationship 2. Assessment 3. co-plan 4. Implement 5.Evaluate
What is Enabling Occupation? facilitating, guiding, coaching, educating, propting, listening, collaborating so that the client may perform occupations that are useful or meaningful.
Under the Canadian Practice Process Framework (CPPF), what things are involved with stage 1: Initating the relationship? Introduction related to the consult, get and document informed consent, collaborate to issues/ prioritize
Under the Canadian Practice Process Framework (CPPF), what things are involved with stage 2: Assessment? Assess occupations, analyze spirituality, physical, cognitive, and evironmental components. Document possible recommendations
Under the Canadian Practice Process Framework (CPPF), what things are involved with stage 3: Planning? Collaborate with client on issues and plan and document
Under the Canadian Practice Process Framework (CPPF), what things are involved with stage 4: Implementation? Use occupation to engage client, engage the client to promote occupation
Under the Canadian Practice Process Framework (CPPF), what things are involved with stage 5: Evaluating? Evaluate progress, re-consult client, document interms of initial findings
Cultural experience includes what? Beliefs, attitudes, values
The environment includes what 4 sub-dementions? The physical, social, cultural and institutional environment
The physical environment includes what? The environment percieved through the senses
The social environment includes what? collective human relationships eg. familial, community, organizational
the cultural environment includes what? shared system of meanings, beliefs and norms,
The institutional environment includes what? Legal and political policy influences
What are occupations? Groups of activities and tasks that are named and have value and meaning for the individual and culture
What are the three ways in which occupations are normally devided? Self-care (caring for them self), Leisure (enjoyment), productivity (contibuting socially or economically)
What is meant by being an occupational "change agent"? Responsible advancement of occupational performance and engagement
Your client has depression, isolation, and occupational withdrawl, what should the OT do first for depression? 1. Engage in short term familiar activities
If client wishes to sew, but is unable due to vision, what should the OT do? 2. Explore low vision aids and techniques
Your client is impulsive and uses walker unsafely and is a fall risk, what should the OT do? 3. Assess comprehension and ability to remember information
Your team believes a client cannot manage safely at home, the client wishes to return home anyways, what should you do first? 4. Have a discussion with client about her ability to safely manage at home
Your client never finds time to complete her home based work, one of her goals is to improve time management, What time management principle should the OT collaborate with her on? 5. Priorization of tasks
Your client describes an inability to ask for support or attention in a direct manner. She always tries to avoid conflict? What strategy should the OT work on with this client? 6. Assertiveness training
Your client feels unappreciated, lonely, and has low self esteem. She feels unable to ask for assistance in a direct manner. What activity would be most useful in assisting her explore her self-image and self esteem? 7. Use of PROJECTIVE TECHNIQUES
Your patient has low self esteem, poor self image, she feels unsupported at home. She has agreed to a referral to a woman's group. What is the MOST important benifit she will get from this group? 8. Support and encouragement from other women
Your patient's husband calls because he is upset that the patient is returning home late. He asks about her treatment. What should the therapist do? 9. Explain confidentiality. Encourage him to discuss the program with his wife
At discharge you wish to know if the therapy has been effective, what approach should you take? 10. Use of a standardized, reliable measurement tool.
What are projective techniques? 11. Any open ended personality test designed to yield information (eg. cartoon completion, role play, picture association, story telling)
Your patient is a youth with autism, uneven developement, delayed language, over responsive to stimuli, hyperactivity, decreased attention span and limited eye contact what intervention within the sensorymotor framework is MOST important? 12. Decreased arousal through ihibitory methods
Your patient has autism, which characteristic is most likely to be displayed? 13. Deviations in developement, perceptual disturbances, echolia, inflexible behaviors
Your patient seeks tactile information aggressively, what does this look like? 14.Rubbing, twirling, touching objects
What object would provide appropriate tactile stimulation in a school enviroment? Water play at a table, rubbing a furry cloth, swinging on a swing, playing a video game? 15. Running hand, or body on a furry cloth
If a tactile sensing child is difficult to calm at school, what should the OT recommend? rocking, using a trampoline, finger painting, somersaults 16. Rocking as it facilitates calming and socially appropriate to the side
A parent showes you an article on a treatment, what should you do before considering this intervention? 17.Review the liturature on the topic
What is the most appropriate way to demonstrate the efficacy of a treatment? 18. Reasses with standardized, reliable test and compare with initial values
Mr. S has had a Left CVA. His tone varies session to session, and is usually high in his arms during visits. Why would his tone be higher? 19. possible anxiety about visits
With a Left CVA, right dominance, lack of prehension what work task would be hardest to return to? Filing, Filling out forms, Using the phone, Using a calculator? 20. Filling out forms
With a Left CVA, right dominance, lack of prehension what would like be the first goal tackled? 21. Writing
With a left CVA what is the most important area to assess? 22. For any aphasia
The language expression centre of the brain is located on what hemisphere of the brain? 23. Left
An employer calls to request information about a patient, What is the most important action for the OT? 24. Maintain confidentiality. Discuss this with the patient, before discussing it with the employer
For a person with dominate prehension difficulties, which task is likely to be the most difficult? Washing hair, Washing dishes, Shaving with a saftey razor, or putting on a sweater? 25. Shaving
Can an occupational therapist call themselves specialists? OTs are not allowed to represent themselves as specialists in any area of practice, even if they have specialty training.
Can an OTs call themselves as a psychotherapist? The scope of OT practice is flexible. Psychotherapy is not on the list of controlled acts, with sufficient training may offer this service
What does NOT have to be in a mandatory complaint report to the college of occupational therapy? A patient's name
When the college of occupational therapy receives a complaint report what action do they take? Investigate the circumstances set forth in the mandatory report unless it is impossible to do so.
What are the possible outcomes of an investigation of the college of occupational therapy into inappropriate behavior? Loss of registration, Find the accusation groundless, Counselling with the costs placed on the therapist
Which is not normal for an 8 year old: Projective play, Deductive reasoning, Dress up is preferred projective play
Inflammation of the common extensor origin of the forearm extensor musculature may result in: Tennis elbow
Using the psychoanalytic frame of reference kneading dough to make bread as an activity for a nonverbal and angry patient is an example of what? Sublimation
You work on a multidisciplinary team. Each discipline gives info. on weekly rounds. One person records the information on behalf of the team for the health record. What action is the OT expected to take? Review, make any needed changes, and sign each team progress note
A client requests access to the OT portion of the their health record. The institution has a policy that such requests must be accommodated through health records. What action are you expected to take? Explain the facility’s process for obtaining the information and offer to discuss the OT information.
You are hired by an insurer to complete an assessment and a written report. You recieve consent for this on the first visit. The client disagrees and asks the therapist not to send the report. What should you do? Not release the report and record why not
Degenerative disorders commonly associated with depression, dementia, and psychosis include all of the following except: a) Parkinson’s disease b) Huntington’s disease c) Wilson’s disease-? d) Connective tissue disease d) Connective tissue disease
A. Six-month-old child with abnormal muscle tone, delayed or exaggerated reflexes, postural abnormalities and delayed motor development are signs of. Cerebral Palsy
All of the following are clinical symptoms of spasticity except: a) stretch reflex b) clonus c) atrophy d) hyperactive tendon tap Atrophy
What are main features of NDT? -uses key points to facilitate or inhibit movements, -emphasizes normalizing muscle tone, inhibiting primitive reflexes and facilitating normal postural reactions, and developmental sequences
The most common classification of CP is: Spastic
What is the most common medical complications related to prematurity? bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Prematurity is considered every child born before: 36 weeks
A study investigated the effects of two therapies, participants were randomly divided, pre-and post tested and compared against a control. What kind of study was this? True experimental
The independent variable in a study is? The variable being changed
The hypothesis in a study can be described as? a theory as to the outcome
A dependent variable is? The change resulting from manipulating the independent variable
To introduce muscle relaxation techniques to an individual in their home, you need to touch the client's muscles. How should you protect both your patient and yourself from misunderstandings? Clearly explain the treatment procedure to the patient and need for touch, obtain consent, ensure that another person is present if possible, and maintain a professional manner thoughout
The predicted course of return of motor function following a stroke progresses from: Proximal-distal movements, gross-fine movements
For a person with cognitive issues, what is the best way to provide instructions? Demonstration then practice them
A suggested research method to determine treatment effectiveness in the heterogeneous populations like strokes is: Single subject research
Therapy to regain hand movements in a patient with right sided hemiplegia should begin with: Movements of the arm and trunk first.
Your pt had a CVA with right hemiparesis, mild aphasia, she used to cook for the family. Post acute, what would therapy focus on? Cooking for the family
Which of the following assessment methods would an OT most likely choose to learn about a family’s values and priorities? a)interview,b) skilled observation, c) inventory, d) standardized test The interview technique
If you were working with a patient using the model of human occupation as a guideline to assess, your major focus would be to identify Disruptions to previous normal everyday routines
The therapist should observe the following precautionary measures for depressed patients: Signs of self inflicted injury, suicide, over-dose, giving away of belongings
which strategy provides the most client-centered information about the patient's gains and current functional abilities? a. an examination of completed goals and objectives, b.asking Mr. R's feedback, c.an exit interview such as the OPHI a. an examination of completed goals and objectives,
When using the life span development framework, which would give you guidelines on gathering and organizing data for physical and psychosocial skills? a.Role Checklist, c.Life Style Performance Profile, d.Occupational Performance History Interview c. Lifestyle performance profile
Your patient has Autism with delayed language and over reacts to change and environmental stimulus what would be the focus of treatment? Developing sensory motor organization/Sensory motor integration
Your patient shows obsessive behaviors , and over responsiveness to stimuli, OT would focus on? Sensory motor integration/Development of sensory motor organization skills
Your patient demonstrates hyperactivity, decreased attention and limited eye contact. Sensory integration would focus on: Decreasing arousal through inhibitory methods
4 Symptoms of autism are what? Deviations in development, perceptual disturbances, echolalia, and inflexible behaviors
The OT is planning to involve a child with autism with delayed language, and over reaction to stimulus in a therapy group: Would the focus be: Milieu therapy, Behavior therapy, Neurodevelopmental therapy or Sensory motor therapy Sensory motor therapy
A child you are seeing aggressively seeks tactile stimulation this can be seen in? Rubbing and twirling objects
Which of the following could provide the most tactile information, for a tactile seeking child? Rubbing a fury blanket b. Water play at a water table c. Climbing on a jungle gym Rubbing a furry blanket
What activity may help calm a child, with sensory issues? a. Rocking in a rocking chair b. Finger painting c. Sitting off to the side Rocking in a rocking chair
A parent shows you and article on a treatment , before you implement this treatment, what must you do? -Review the current literature and professional publications on this topic
What outcome measure would an OT use to demonstrate treatment efficacy on behaviors in a school environment? a. Reassessment and compare to baseline school behaviors, b. Implement a satisfaction survey Reassess and compare to baseline behaviors
Your student tells you that her previous supervisor came on to her, what must you do? File a mandatory report
An OT working with a client believes the patient is exaggerating their symptoms which of the follow should you NOT report? a. The client is exaggerating and not putting in full effort. B. The pt was observed to spontaneously reach full range The client exaggerated, and did not put in full effort-This is a personal judgment call and not a true assessment.
What does the MOHO frame of reference focus on? The effect of personal traits and environment on role performance
Your 21 month patient has low tone in her face, trunk, and extremities, with the exception of increased tone in her finger and plantar flexors. What is the most appropriate screen for developmental delays? Bayley Scales of Infact Development
If none of your standardized assessments had a normative representative group of your patient, when interpreting what you report? score the assessment then document that there is no match for normative group
Your 21 month patient presents with radial palmar grasp and hand extends all digits to release objects. Is this: a. Borderline delayed b. significantly delayed, c. Age appropriate grasp Significantly delayed
Your 21 month client pockets food in her lateral sulci of her mouth. From an NDT perspective, intervention would focus on? using a quick stretch of the oral muscles to increase tone
When sitting in a high chair your client’s head and trunk fall forward. How would you address her position? Pelvic strap to keep her in her chair, and 45 degree tilt to stay upright
Your childhood patient seeks vestibular information, is afraid of heights and misjudges space. What is an appropriate activity for this patient? A. Using a trampoline. B. obstacle courses c. Swinging on a hammock Swinging on a hammock is safe, gives the vestibular information.
With a client with CP, avoidant of vestibular information. What technique would you NOT do? A. weight bearing b. reflex inhibition c. Vestibular stimulation, d. Fast rolling e. Trunk elongation Fast rolling- not only would he feel a lack of control, it would be negative vestibular information
A pediatric patient’s has a fear of heights, pocketing of food, vestibular seeking, and tactile avoidance would you: a. Provide tactile stimulus while bouncing, b. gradual walker on a balance beam, c. Mouth prep. before eating. D. All of the above d. All of the above
Your patient has a moderate drooling problem. He withdrawals from touch, avoids activities that require balance. He prefers being in a vertical position, and bounced? What kind of tactile description would you give him? Hypersensitive tactile system
Your pediatric client has autism with tactile defensiveness and difficulty with change. What approach may be the most important for designing your intervention? neuro-integration or developmental
Which sensory assessment requires additional training and certification? A. Sensory integration and praxis test b. sensory profile c. School functional assessment Sensory integration and praxis test
What would be the best treatment option to address vestibular difficulty? A. Playing on monkey bars, b. playing on a swing set Playing on the swing set
The best activity for a 10 year old who needs facilitation of tactile input and kinesthetic awareness is: a. Rubbing of different textures on his arms b. standing beside a wall and rolling Standing beside a wall and rolling
PDD does not include which? A. Autism, B. Asperger’s C. Rett syndrome, D. Disintegrative disorder E. Affective disorder E. Affective disorder
The majority of sensory integration is formed around what age? 6-8
What effect does joint compression have on mood? Calmative
Rough housing provides: a. Vestibular input, b. Proprioceptive input, c. Tactile input, d. All of the above All of the above
A complaint is filed against you with the college (CAOT). You contact the college, the college would: Ensure you understand the complaint process and suggest support from the provincial association.
Abnormal muscle tone, delayed exaggerated reflexes, postural abnormality and delayed motor development are signs of what? cerebral palsy
What value does qualitative research contribute to occupational therapy? It can focus on the experience and details of everyday life
It is assumed that an interview will reflect a subject’s experience. In order to best capture this experience, you must? Interact with the subject being interviewed
Which method of data analysis is most important when describing the experience of a person? Generating consistently coded categories
Triangulation is what? Using more than one source to draw a conclusion
You work for a company before retiring , what are you supposed to do with client records? Ensure that clients can access their records
When using a norm referenced assessment, you are assuming what? That you can compare performance with a normal standard
A patient tells you they are only participating in the assessment because they have to. What must the OT do? Let the client know she has the right to refuse the assessment and discuss the implications
You hear a nurse making inappropriate sexual comments to a patient. Your mandatory course of action is what? To file a complaint with the College of Nurses
Your patient has brain damage and inconsistently responds to stimulation in inconsistent and bizarre manners. What method of enhancing his awareness might you prioritize? Improving communication of his needs
Your client has just begun sitting in a wheelchair independently, what might your goal be? Increasing his mobility, sitting tolerance and engagement with the environment.
An initial swallow assessment would include testing of what? assessment of sensation and motor skills of the tongue, mouth, jaw, and throat
After a presentation an attendee asks for more specific advice regarding a personal situation, what should you do? Tell them where more info. Can be found, let them know they may contact you for an appointment
How may an OT effectively and ethically advertise their services at a conference? Leave copies of business cards for attendees to pick up, separate from any other organizations information.
An occupational therapist measures occupational performance in areas of: Self-care, productivity, and leisure
Your patient has severe visual impairment, how can you improve her ability to function at home? Teach her adaptive techniques and environmental modification to get around her home
You provide a tub transfer bench for a pt. with osteoarthritis, obesity, pain on movement of the R hip, limited ROM both hip, SOB, mild hearing and visual loss? What might be a major imitator to her transfers? Hip pain
Your patient with arthritis, visual impairment, obesity, low endurance an pain with movement in both hips wants to improve which would you suggest?, a. Stepping machines exercise, b. aquacise, c. Daily walking with the home maker. Daily walking with the home maker
A patient of yours keeps talking and shows signs that she would like you to stay and visit, after the assessment is done. The therapist should do what? Inform the patient of her schedule, and in a supportive manner close the session
The funding agency wishes for justification for continuing a treatment, what should the OT provide? Documentation of performance in self-care, leisure and/or productivity
A tool to ensure that pt’s goals are identified and prioritized is? The COPM
A sure way to identify the unique story of the individual is: a. Valid, reliable assessments b. collecting information from social contacts c. Listen to the pt’s experience c. Listening to the person’s experience
The CO-OP approach is used with what kind of diagnosis? Developmental coordination disorder
You are conducting a standardised assessment and your patient becomes uncooperative and that the test is “too hard”, how should you respond? Follow the administration instructions, and note the changes in behavior
A patient asks you a coffee saying that they want to discuss therapy. What is the appropriate response? Tactile refuse the meeting. Clarify professional boundaries and rearrange the meeting during work hours, in the professional settings
A long-term care facility has a policy that each patient must be charted on every 6 months. What should the therapist do? Comply with the provision unless a client requires more frequent charting
What is the major difference between acute confusion and dementia? Level of consciousness
The primary cognitive skills assessed on a mental status exam are? Memory, orientation, judgement
One of the most common changes family’s state of someone with Alzheimer’s is: Change in personality
The reason a patient with Alzheimer’s may over react to insignificant events is: Decreased insight into declining abilities
A patient with Alzheimers becomes confused and agitated when given a tray in the dining room. How could this be alleviated? Supply him with a marked menu beforehand
When making home discharge recommendations about a patient with Alzheimer’s? Family support
Children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) exhibit all of the following except: a. Clumsiness, b. sensory integrative dysfunction, c. Discordination d. Low I.Q Low IQ
If you identify a patients deficits based on the charted history this is know as: Procedural reasoning
Your pt has major depression and wants to return to work. She is has difficulty with ADLs. From a behavioral approach what would be the best assessment? A. Azima Battery, b. Role checklist, c. Automatic thoughts questionnaire, d. The role checklist A comprehensive OT evaluation
Your pt becomes very emotional about social demands. A behavioral approach to intervention would be: a. Encourage expression of emotions, b. Ignore verbalizing feelings, c. Encourage positive self talk, d. Relate thoughts and feelings to behavior d. Relate thoughts and feelings to behavior
Using the MOHO as a frame of reference, the focus of your assessments would focus on? Disruption to daily routines
A patient who abruptly changes mood, independent of obvious external cause is best described as: labile
Your patient is getting bed sores but refuses to get out of bed and has full capacity. What is the best course of action? Discuss the risk of sores, how to prevent them and do as the client wishes
Your pt has a hx of interpersonal difficulties, periods of high productivity of mixed value, followed by depression. Considering her hx, and dx what is the most appropriate assessment? A. COPM, B. OPHI, C. Occupational Case Analysis Interview? Occupational Case Analysis Interview and Rating Scale
Your patient is rarely social, which OT assessment would help the OT get an understanding of what’s important to her? 1. The interest checklist 2. The role checklist
Your patient acknowledges that her temper makes her hard to be around. What would you do first? Assess and clarify the context of the problem
What is the most client centred way to support the efficacy of your treatment about patient’s gains and current functional performance? Examination of completed goals of the patient
What is the most important thing for an OTA or student to do, when conducting a structured interview? Ask questions as written on the interview sheet.
You are receive a new referral and are aware of multiple instances in the past of aspiration in the child. What should you do prior to the feeding assessment? Explain the assessment and get written informed consent from the parents
You are asked to a vocational assessment with a patient with a moderate cog impairment, what is the first thing you should do? Administer a functional capacity assessment
What is most likely to follow a vocational assessment Job skills training
What is the best instructional method for administering work samples ? Modeling and imitation
What assessment tool would provide the best vocational potential information? a. work sample assessment b. vocational checklist or c. Role checklist? Vocational checklist
During the placement at the rehab center, your patient with a cognitive impairment develops a pattern of crying after the lunch break. The most effective technique for correcting this behavior is? Positive reinforcement when the behavior doesn’t occur
During a standardized assessment your student helps the patient with hints, your response should be? Stop the assessment, and educate the student in private
Your client with a psych history admits to not taking their meds and will not allow the OT in to the house. What should you do? Talk to the client to assess capacity and try to develop a service agreement
A client makes a written request that a therapist make changes to a report. What is the best course of action. Respond in writing to the request. Follow the guidelines for transparency if changes ARE incorporated
Your patient with CP shows fluctuating muscle tone from low to normal. His condition would be classified as what type of CP? Athetoid CP
Considering your patient uses a wheelchair, but has involuntary movements, and minimal independence What would your first goal be? A. Steady tone and midline orientation, b. Stimulation through weight bearing with movement
When considering a feeding program for a patient with poor trunk control, the therapist should begin by doing what? Assess and provide supportive seating
A dressing program to maximize independence for a patient with athetoid CP should include a. Use of a button board, b. loose clothing, c. Position prone on a wedge? Loose clothing
A major issue for a teen struggling with a physical disability and independence, from an emotional development perspective is: Identity-role confusion
Your 13 year old client frequently inappropriately touches you. The best response would be to: Discuss sexuality and inappropriateness when your patient is inappropriate
Your patient with dysarthria, becomes frustrated with his inability to socialize independently. In order to facilitate his independence he needs: An effective method of communication
Legally blind clients looking to increase social contacts would benefit most from? A. Group plant care, b. group listening to a talking book, or c. Group meal prep group listening to a talking book.
Your are seeking ADL funding for equipment with an attorney with power of attorney. The client is willing to sign the documents , what should the OT do? contact the attorney
Your patient wants to return home with his wife, but has Right hemiplegia, and can only walk a couple of steps with a quad cane and 1 person assist. What is essential for him to return home? Than he can transfer and access the home with his wife’s assistance
To ensure your patient can go home, and see if the home needs modification, what would you do first? Conduct a home assessment
Your patient states that homecare is not providing the expected home making tasks. What is the best action? Discuss ways that your patient can discuss her concerns with the worker
Your client reports that they doen’t enjoy going to restaurants anymore because they spill and drop food because of facial palsy, and they feel watched by other patrons. What is the best way to address this concern? Wear a lobster bib which is normal for many restaurants, sit in dim less trafficked areas
Your patient is despondent that after his CVA he hasn’t improved. He asks for your advice about acupuncture, how should you respond? Tell them only where they can obtain more information to help them make their own decisions
You assign an OTA to continue with therapy, how should you document that you are monitoring the therapy? Sign and date when you review the progress notes
What makes a test standardized? It has a standard format
What is the most important aspect of administering a standardized test? Following the instructions.
Your patient is able to complete a 3 step project, with visual cuing for each step. According to the Allen scale, what level is he operating at from 1-6? Level 4.
If your patient is able to complete a 3 step project with visual cuing , would a. Making a sandwich, b. budgeting for one day or c. Making a snap together model airplane be good cognitive therapy? making a sandwich
Observing a client make a sandwich falls under what phase of the occupational therapy process? Assessment
A case manager obtains consent for assessment information to be shared between the school, parents, assessment company and parents. The teacher requests a copy of the assessment, what should the OT do? Clarify the parent’s wishes about sharing the report
Guillian-Barre syndrome is ? A lower motor neuron disease
The symptoms of Guillian-Barre syndrome are? weakness, sensory loss, paralysis, compromised respiration
Your patient has no speech, poor oral control, all four limbs affected by Guillian-Barre? The best approach to his first rehab session would be? Set up a chin operated communication device
As your patient is non-verbal you arrange to conduct the COPM with a relative. To ensure accuracy you: Conduct it with the patient present
As your patient is educated in computer electronics, a good place to start an interview maybe: a. Environmental control systems, b. dressing programs, d. An electric page turner environmental control systems
A priority for your patient is feeding, however they have poor oral control and all for limbs have poor control. What might you suggest? Semisolid foods, a mobile arm support and universal cuff
A child is usually able to copy a vertical line, horizontal line and circle at the age of: 3 years
Closing a zip lock bag, would best be used as a therapy to: improve isolated finger movements
You provide vocational assessments, and you feel a deep attraction to a client. The most appropriate thing to do is: Dating is not appropriate. Maintain a therapeutic relationship, but following discharge and appropriate period of time, you may date.
What is primary research? A. Info gathered by the individual doing the needs assessment, b. research results, c. Conducting interviews information collected by the person doing a needs assessment
Your patient only works sporadically and then spends his income quickly. He presents as agitated, difficulty sitting still and concentrating. He believes he is a famous actor and cannot wait to start. What diagnosis does he likely have? bipolar disorder
Your patient believes they are a famous movie star, this belief is known as: grandiose delusion
For a person with classic bipolar disorder what would be the most appropriate treatment goal?improve ADL independence, b. Improve decision making, c. Improve self control Improve self control
Which of the following treatment would be appropriate for a person with bipolar disorder with grandiose delusions? A. Tile box, b. 200 piece puzzle, c. preparing a simple meal
You think that you can improve your program and offer changes in service, before you make the proposal to you manager what should you do first? a needs assessment documenting the demand for the program
You suspect that your client is unsafe on the road. Your client states that unless the test states that he is safe to drive, he doesn’t want the result of the driving assessment filed. What should you do? Discuss the risks of unsafe driving with the patient, report the person to the provincial ministry of transportation if they insist on driving
Your patient has burns to her neck, back, shoulders and chest. To prevent contractures you provide a neck splint in what position? neutral to 10% extension
To prevent hypertrophic (swollen raised) scarring of a burn, you provide your patient a pressure garment vest with sleeves. The appropriate time to apply the garment is: Any time skin is open less than 1”
Your patient has limited ROM in her neck and shoulder due to scarring. What kind of activity you select to increase her range? Activities that require her to reach the limits of her ROM and beyond
Reasoning based on a patient’s behavior and the environment is what kind of reasoning? Pragmatic
From 9-11 months the most advanced activity child can do is: a. crawl, b. walk, e. Sit crawl
A client complains about services, there are many other service providers for this patient that may also have information that’s relevant. How would a supervisor explore these concerns? The administrator needs to get informed consent to discuss the circumstances with other individuals
Your patient suffered a recent right arm injury, how is your assessment begun? interview for subjective information
What is the best way to reduce edema in a limb? Active range of motion
To increase the strength in a client with a grade 1 strength test you should provide Gravity eliminated assisted activities
Your patient has a grade 3 muscle strength, what kind of activities should you provide? active range of motion for the limb
What symptoms are referred to as negative symptoms? Flat affect, lack of motivation, poverty of speech
What are the 5/6 main grades of manual muscle testing? 0 no contraction, 1 flicker or with gravity, 2. Gravity eliminated, 3. Active ROM 4. Some resistance 5. Normal power
Your client has difficulty with self-care, what client centred assessment may best assess self-care? The COPM
Your patient with schizophrenia has cognitive impairment. What group would be best suited for her?-a. Developmental group, b. interactive group, c. Cognitive group d. A and C? B and C the interactive and cognitive group are both appropriate
You note that your patient can do part of a task but needs cuing to complete a task. According to the Allen what level would she be at? 4
What kind of treatment goals should you develop? Specific, measurable, with a defined time frame
Your patient appears to have obsessive compulsion disorder, it is leading to stress and depression. What axis on the DSM-4 would his diagnosis fall on? Axis 2
Constantly washing your hands, checking your wallet or counting your step would be called: compulsions
The most appropriate OT assessment for a person with depression or schizophrenia from a MOHO frame of reference would be a. The ILS b. The BaFPE c. The Role Checklist the Role checklist
You wish to find out if therapy was effective. If you are using the scientific method to evaluate, you will use Standardized, valid, reliable outcome measures
Your patient has depression, low self-esteem and would like more excitement from life which group would your refer her to: a. Activity, b. Self awareness, c. Behavioral Behavioral
You are not sure that the pt. know about their diagnosis, what would you do? Ask them what they know of their condition. Obtain delegation from physician including anything you need to tell the client. Then if competent tell them.
You are trained in use of heat, ice and ultrasound for injuries. What do you need to use these treatments? Informed verbal consent
You provide leg braces for patients with fractures, what is your responsibility? You must obtain informed consent, and assess prior to applying
When you are delegated to a task, what is the appropriate documentations? Document that the delegation was received
The OTA under your supervision must change the O2 levels of a patient for therapy. What should you do? Follow the process to assign this act to the assistant.
Which of the following activities do not require delegation? A. Giving a pt. their regular B12, b. Romove a splinter from a pt’s cornea, c. Performing spinal manipulation a giving a person their regular B12
During an assessment you notice that your pediatric patient has speech, and motor delays symptomatic of PDD. How do you approach this with the parents? Discuss the symptoms with the parents and recommend they contact a doctor
Your facility is going to have OT’s in other areas provide cardiac rehab. What issue needs to be addressed to do this? Appropriately trained staff able to deal with the risks
Your paediatric patient takes a medication by injection, you know how to administer this med. The patient asks you to administer the med. What should you do? As this is a routine activity of living you may assist the patient
Your pt. had a CVA with R-hemiplegia and sublexed shoulder, how would you describe her tone and strength? Weak strength on the R with low tone
What is a common method of stabilizing hands with spasticity? Wrist weights
Your pt. has a T8-T9 spinal cord injury with thoracic-lumbar brace. He cannot sit up beyond 45 degrees independently, how can he put on the brace? Side rolling using the bed rails
You notice that your pt. has difficulty with stairs, what should you do? Ensure the pt is safe on stairs, investigate railing and stair lifts if appropriate, practice stairs.
What can a person with a C7 injury do that a person with a C6 injury cannot? -Wrist Extension
A patient’s co-worker reports that she has shoulder issues , you notice her work shelves are too high, what should you say? Inform her you are assigned to see your patient and that she has to liaise with her employer for OT
You ask a patient his pain on a scale of 1-10, what kind of scale is this? Ordinal-In order but not defined or specific
To improve social skills in an antisocial person what group would you assign? A. Community awareness, b. psychotherapy, c. Self-awareness, d. Anti-social peers Community Awareness group
Your patient had a C7 injury wants to go to school and do sports, what kind of mobility would you recommend? Powered wheelchair and light weight manual chair
Your patient has suicidal ideations, she is not caring for herself, giving away personal possessions, lacks interest in work and social activities. Which are signs of suicide? All of the above
What would you not measure for a wheel chair? A. Should width, b. Seat depth, c. Seat width, d. Knee to floor height e. Anti tippers or seat belt Shoulder width
To discharge a cardiac patient what should you review? -They are medically stable, energy conservation and precautions
Your patient has MCP flexion, PIP hyperextension and DIP flexion, this is called a: Swann neck deformity
Your patient has MCP hyperextension, PIP flexion, DIP hyperextension, this is called what? A Boutonniere deformity
Your pt. has cataracts, and could use a method of calling people what might work best Enlarged number pad
Your patient had a bilateral above knee amp, he now needs a wheel chair. What is most important to consider about the wheel chair at home? Wide doorways, ramps and railings
What does the COPM measure? satisfaction with occupational performance components
What is the best activity for your patient with rheumatoid arthritis to maintain ROM: a. Tia chi b. swimming c. Golf d. Lawn bowling b. Swimming
You overhear your student discussing details of one patient to another. What should you do? stop the conversation immediately, explain the importance of confidentiality
Your patient experiences tingling and numbness in the palm side of the hand up to the second and third, and half the forth digit. What is this a sign of? Ulnar nerve injury
You are asked to conduct a work return assessment, what is the first step? Complete a comprehensive job analysis
A dtr asks you to call Vetran’s Affairs to say a new # is from service, thus he deseves VAC funding. What should the OT do? B. Explain new injury is not likely related to distant service. c. Advise dtr to ask if new injury could be related to old service C. Advise the daughter to ask if the injury could be related to previous service
What activity will a person with a spinal fracture most likely have trouble performing with a halo vest? A. Ambulation B. Mastication C. Elimination D. Respiration A. Ambulation
Your pt has Alzheimer’s , lives in LTC, has behaviors that affect care, she wanders I on locked unit. What is the most important to understanding her fx? a. level of cognition b. balance to the bathroom c. type and when behaviors occur c. type and when behaviors occur
Your pt has Alzheimer’s , lives in LTC, has behaviors that affect care, she wanders I on locked unit. What is best tx?a. environmental adaptation b. Behavior mod. program c. Memory and attention training d. Adaptive aids to maintain independence a. Environmental adaptation routines
A son show’s the OT a website for an dementia intervention. The therapist finds a study that reports level 2 efficacy for CP clients. What should the OT?a. Implement the tx b. Discuss the limited evidence c. Contact the website requesting evidence b. Discuss the limited evidence with the son
The OT has been asked to design a dementia unit. What should the OT suggest? a. Glass nursing station for safety b. Colorful floor designs c. Flat closet doors the color of the walls d. Signage throughout the unit c. Flat closet doors the color of the walls
What type of outcome measure would best measure the effectiveness of intervention for clients with dementia? a behavioral inventory for dementia behaviors
a 4 y/o has Down’s-language, motor and self-care are delayed, wide gait, unstable on stairs+ uneven surfaces, used to immediate gratification, tube feed and only just exploring food by mouth and is starting a daycare. What should you do first? c. identify gaps in personal knowledge
You observe daycare staff carrying her up and down the stairs, because they are afraid of a fall. What should you do? teach the staff to how to use the stair s safely
You begin to assess fine motor skills and the child has a tantrum. What is the best approach once the pt. has calmed? a. grade the task b. complete the ax another time c. distract and resume the ax d. use rewards for tasks d. use rewards for tasks
The OT wants to educate the daycare to promote interactions. What should the OT do first? a. present on down’s and fine motorskills b. meet + review the child’s strengths and needs c. invite a rep. from down’s society to present d.Workshop on behaviors b. arrange a meeting to review the child’s strengths and needs
The feeding team has scheduled a visit in 1 week, what should the OT do? a. reschedule other clients to spend accompany team b. schedual an hour with the team after c. request the team record the session c. request the team record the session
Your pt has schizophrenia, lived with mother till her recent death. His mother performed his IADLs. He now has difficulty interacting in a group home. What symptom would most likely affect grocery shopping? Depends on symptoms and degree. Could be hallucinations, delusions, Decreased interpersonal skills
With a pt. with schizoprenia and who needs help with IADL. Which assessment should you use to determine his financial competency? a. Standardized cognitive assessment b. Standardized assessment of living skills
A patient wants to move into their own home, but can’t afford it what should you do? a. ask them to stay until they save money c. advocate to government for access to housing d. assist completing an application for subsidized housing advocate to government for access to housing
Your pt has schizophrenia,He has difficulty interacting in a group home. What is the best referral for Mr. C? a. community centre that provides inexpensive meals d. Arts based program for people living mental illness
Your patient had schizphrenia, needs assist for IADL's What is the most appropriate intervention for med management? Cognitive rehab
Pt. R hemiplegia with poor head and trunck control, uses lift, can't follow 1 step command, mechanical lift for transfer- sling left under him in chair, red coccys? What is the purpose for providing a wheelchair? a. transfers b. positioning c. mobility positioning
Pt. R hemiplegia with poor head and trunck control, uses lift, can't follow 1 step command, mechanical lift for transfer- sling left under him in chair, red coccys What is the most important feature for Mr. W’s wheelchair? Contoured back support
Your patient is a sling lift transfer to wheel chair with lift often left under, how can staff be encouraged to remove the sling? Post a sign and instructions
Your pt. sever cog. impairment, is a sling lift transfer wheelchair with sling under, reddening under coccyx, what is the first intervention for the reddening?a. spend time in his wheelchair b. provide a pressure relief c. Instruct nursing to c b. provide a pressure relieving cushion
A program provides OT, PT, SLP-OT is assigned to pediatrics, wait time was 2 years. Due to funding cuts there is increased pressure to ensure effectiveness. The OT requests more hours allocated to the caseload. What info. Does the manager need Unseen clients on the priority list
The school based handwriting program is being evaluated for effectiveness. What is the best measure? improvement in handwriting skills
The OT wants to know if pencil grip is effective for improving handwriting. What is the most practical design study? Cross sectional
In which is the occupational therapist acting primarily as a change agent? a. Meeting region therapists to standardize assessment c. Meeting with a recreation centre to increase inclusive programs d. Recommend funding for a wheelchair van for a family c. Meeting with a recreation centre to increase inclusive programs-
What is GERD? Gastro esophogeal reflux disease. Chronic heart burn/acid reflux
Alex is 17, was admitted to a mental health inpatient unit 3 weeks ago, he has been missing classes, he’s become avoidant and isolated, his family states he has been using cannabis. What should the OT do first? a. educate Alex about his symptoms
Alex asks about taking meds and using cannabis. What action should the OT take?a. Advise him to stop as it may make his symptoms worse and is illegal b. Re-orient that the session only has to do with ADLs d. Consult the psychiatrist c. Re-orient that the session only has to do with school, self-care and leisure d. Ask the psychiatrist or pharmacist to see
What is the best course of action for return to school for a pt. who previously was kicked out or failed out? recommend he work with the guidance counselor
pt. admitted after a sever CVA. Scored 8/30 on MoCA, transfers, self care and grooming independently, isn’t orientated. Was VP of a non-profit, sole caregiver of mother, "eager to return to normal". What should the OT be concerned about most? b. Denial of functional changes
Mrs. D often underestimates when reaching after a CVA, what frame of reference would the OT use to address this issue? b. Sensorimotor c. Rehabilitative d. Cognitive-Behavioral Sensorimotor
Before implementing cognitive therapy on a person with a stroke, as a new OT what should you do? Complete a literature review
What is the best way for the therapist to communicate with the team that the pt. would benefit from a rehab program? Obtain consent from Mrs. D and refer her
You walk by the pts room and an OTA is administering the MoCA, what should the OT do? Privately reprimand the support worker when the session is over b. Assume the support worker had a good reason c. Speak immediately in private and find out the rational -Speak immediately in private and find out the OTA’s rational
13 year old Male Spastic Quad CP, non-verbal, dependent ADL’s, belly crawls and uses a wheelchair. Lives in subsidized housing, attends school with personal care attendantAfter reviewing the chart what should the OT do? Contact the child's mom
A pt’s mother reports she can no longer lift him, what should the therapist do first?a. perform a home tub ax b. visit an equipment vendor c. Interview mother by phone to determine needs d. Contact housing management to make renos Interview mother by phone to determine needs
A child’s mom, wants to use a vest she saw on TV to keep a child upright in the car. What should the OT do if they are not familiar with the item. a. Do a google search b. Order the vest c. Research options approved by the department of transport c. Research options approved by the department of transport
When preparing to investigate the child’s drooling, what should the OT do first? b. order moisture proof bandana’s to protect his clothes c. request the PCA record clothing changes d. encourage the PCA to remind Freddie to swallow request the PCA record clothing changes
In an Outpatient chronic pain clinic, the OT works 1 day/wk, clients vary. The OT leads a 6 week self management group, provides individual service, teaches relaxation techniques. 1. What is the most effect way to teach relaxation for chronic pain? b. practice relaxation techniques
Your having trouble regularly completing your documentation, because your schedualing extra patients. What is the best thing to address this situation.a. Schedual time between time for documentation b. Meet with the manager to discuss overtime hours Schedual time between time for documentation
. A client offers you a gift, what should the OT do?a. Estimate the value to accept b. Offer a small gift in return c. Inform the client you cannot accept the gift d. Ask the client to make a donation to the clinic instead d. Ask the client to make a donation to the clinic instead
A chronic pain client reports hearing voices and seeing a rabbit in the room, what should the OT do?. ask her to track her symptoms for a week c. Refer the client to the psych unit d. Report the symptoms to a physician Report the symptoms to a physician
10 y/o M with duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, Lives in the country, ambulation worstening, withdrawing from physical play, having difficulty sitting upright independently at school, To encourage his continued engagement what is the best option? Explore mike’s perception and goals
The OT know’s the child will need a wheelchair eventually, what is the best option? a. Discuss the benefits with child and his mother c. Arrange to try out a power chair with Mark in a controlled setting d. Measure the child for a wheelchair Discuss the benefits with the child and his mother
The OT wants to address his sitting endurance in the short-term, what is the best option? a. Provide an arm rest for the desk b. Provide a manual wheelchair c. Shorten his school day d. Modify his chair with a back rest for his chair Modify his chair with a back rest for his chair
your pt has early dementia has veteran funding, asked for power mobility ax, doesn’t ADL changes yet 1.How should the OT ax? a. Try out devices with simple controls b. Encourage to consider devices with low risk of personal injury
Your pt had MVA-causing lumbar strain, and whiplash and pain. What device might be most useful for bathing her child? a. Long handle bath sponge b. A clamp on tub grab bar c. A bath transfer bench c. A bath transfer bench
Your pt had MVA-causing lumbar strain, and whiplash and pain.What is the most important thing to submit to the insurance company? a. Subjective and objective info. About the client b. Expected functional issues c. Observed test results a. Subjective and objective info. About the client
Your pt had MVA-causing lumbar strain, and whiplash and pain. What is the best way for the OT to address her back pain? a. encourage resuming meal preparation b. provide a lower back support back braces can cause deconditioning and reliance. resuming activity is best choice including simple meal prep
Your pt had MVA-causing lumbar strain, and whiplash and pain. The parent is reluctant about having her child in the assessment, what should the OT do? Discuss the importance of care giving
One manager is responsible for all allied health professions and doesn’t know what OT does. The manager believes the therapist only assesses bathing and dressing, and wants to reduce the OT hours. What should the OT do first about the manager’s decision? Discuss the rational with the manager
Which of the following would best inform the manager about the stages of practice in OT acute care? a. The CMOP-E b. The CPPF b. the CPPF
The OT believes her large caseload reduces her efficiency, what should the OT do? a. Obtain staffing allocation from similar locations b. Provide a presentation to staff on scope c. Complete a client satisfaction survey Provide a presentation to staff on scope
What is the best way to re-prioritize her case load? a. Develop a formal criterion for her caseload b. Give priority to pt’s not seen by PT’s c. Discontinue service to certain clinical areas. Develop a formal criterion for her caseload
pt osteoarthritis, fulltime automotive tech. CPAP for sleep apnea, but forgets to use it sometimes, and is sleepy during the day. He was in a MVA. He’s married and has two teen kids.What is the best way for the OT to increase his physical activity? b. Identify activities that are important to him
What is the best approach to address a patient with sleep apnea’s fatigue? a. Explore factors that influent occupational balance b. Explore sleep quality
The Physician says that to reduce pain, the pt. must reduce weight, not to work with the ot till then. What should the OT do? a. meet the physician to discuss right to service b. discuss evidence based pain management with the physician discuss evidence based pain management with the physician
The team questions the purpose of OT with this patient, how should the OT approach this question? present the patient’s case from an occupational frame of reference.
Early planning for muscular dystrophy is beneficial. What is the best way to accomplish this? Discuss anticipated care giving issues with his mother
pt been managing her bipolar disorder a long term, experiencing more stress, disturbed sleep, poor attention and memory. She took a short sick leave but wants to return to work What is the best type of tool to determine factors influencing her? a. Self-esteem scale b. Self-care assessment
Your patient has missed two OT appointments. What is the best strategy to improve attendance? a. Call ahead with reminder b. Offer flexible drop in hours Call ahead with reminder
pt been managing her bipolar disorder a long term, experiencing more stress, disturbed sleep, poor attention and memory. She took a short sick leave but wants to return to work When would you discharge your patient? b. Once the pt. is satisfied with her performance at work
pt been managing her bipolar disorder a long term, experiencing more stress, disturbed sleep, poor attention and memory. She took a short sick leave but wants to return to work. What long-term outcome should the OT advocate for this pt? Return to full time work
pt been managing her bipolar disorder a long term, experiencing more stress, disturbed sleep, poor attention and memory. She took a short sick leave but wants to return to work. What is the greatest barrier to her return to work? Revised job tasks requiring new learning
90 y/o LTC resident, L humeral fracture in a sling. Now walks with a walking aid. Mild cognitive issues 1. What will be the most difficult for this patient? a. buttoning a sweater b. Cutting with a knife
90 y/o LTC resident, L humeral fracture in a sling. Now walks with a walking aid. Mild cognitive issuesWhat would the OT ax first? a. Feeding independence b. Independent use of a walker c. Use of bedside commode Feeding independence
90 y/o LTC resident, L humeral fracture in a sling. Now walks with a walking aid. Mild cognitive issues You teach this patient to use an assistive device, the next day she’s not using it, what should you assess first? Her ability to remember how to use the device
The OT re-administers the Berg Balance Scale and gets a different result. What is the most important characteristic for interpreting the scores? a. Test-retest reliability b. Construct validity c. Content validity
89 y/o Female lives alone, decreased ADLs, making med errors, has glaucoma.How would you identify her goals a. COPM b. Assessment of Motor and Processing Skills a. COPM
89 y/o Female lives alone, decreased ADLs, making med errors, has glaucoma, What hospital based activity would you prioritize? a. Try out various Med management b. Attend therapeutic rec Try out various Med management
decreased ADLs, making med errors, has glaucoma.The son wants you to convince the pt to go into a home, what should you do? a. inform the pt. of the conversation b. organized a family meeting c. Tell the son that she needs to be part of the conversation. Tell the son that she needs to be part of the conversation
What is the best method to ensure a remembers the equipment provided? Quiz her about the recommendations
older pt, lives with spouse in 2 storey house, fractured foot and ankle, NWB 8 weeks. Mobilizing with crutches. To access the second floor she has to go up 12 stairs and pull herself to standing, what is a major concern about this method? a. putting weight on R foot b. potential risk of falling
Your pt. with a foot # is sponge bathing in the sink, but wants to shower in the bath tub. What is the best piece of equipment to recommend? A tub transfer bench
Prior to her foot # your pt enjoyed cooking. What recommendation would best facilitate this participation? Complete some cooking seated
The OT recommends a RTS with arm rests The equipment provider indicates the pt. already refused, what should the OT do next? Contact her to discuss rational for equipment.
MVA, pain R shoulder, R dominate. Pain sitting 30+minutes. She is a PCA and been off 10 weeks. Modified duties aren’t possible. Wants to return to work, tried and didn’t succeed. Based on her injuries which task will aggravate her symptoms most? Bathing clients
What intervention is at the level is the institutional environment?a. Advocacy for income replacement b. Suggestion of a day of rest between shifts Advocacy for income replacement
Your patient had an accident attempted to return work, but wasn't able. The literature indicates early return to work is associated with positive outcomes, based on this what is the biggest concern? Unsuccessful return to work
-Male 58 has many friends, but little family involvement, fell while under the influence, sustained a CNS injury, he is comatose, mechanically ventilated. What is the first thing the OT should do? Obtain a history
Your pt is exhibiting symptoms of decorticate rigidity. What should the OT do? a. assign ROM and positioning b. Fabricate splints c. recommend a muscle relaxant d. Provide a tilt chair a. assign ROM and positioning
pt sustained a CNS injury, he is comatose, mechanically ventilated. A sensory program was proposed to increase arousal, How can the OT formulate the most effective program Use a sensory kit and standard program
Your pt has become alert after his coma, but is now agitated and a fall risk. What is the best action to take? a. Recommend a constant b. Perform the Berg with the physio? b. Perform the Berg with the physio?
. When considering a wheel chair for your pt. that is a fall risk and had a brain injury what area of the body should the OT consider first? a. Head b. Trunk c. Pelvis a. Head
child diagnosed with autism, Nonverbal communicates with picture, refusing to do so. When asked to complete tasks moans and bangs his head 1. What should the OT do to address the head banging? a. Meet with an SLP b. Meet team to review treatment b. Meet team to review treatment
An SLP insists that communication pictures be changed only by the SLP despite training for the OT in this specific field a. Meet with the SLP to discuss pt./therapist needs b. Meet team to review treatment implementation a. Meet with the SLP to discuss pt./therapist needs
3. What should the OT do with the request for a sensory rich diet? a. Review the information from the old school and recommendations b. Assess his sensory processing c. Discuss the OT process with the family and school b. Assess his sensory processing
In addition to a written summary, what is the best approach for assigning an intervention to a support worker? a. observe the support worker try the intervention b. coach the support worker to perform the intervention coach the support worker to perform the intervention
The OT feels uncertain about having the skills to assist this child, what is the best action to take? a. Review the pt. with a mentor b. request another OT to review c. review the literature c. review the literature
MVA 6 months ago. Suffered a R temporal lobe brain injury. Experiencing memory, concentration, organization issues, and fatigue. Worked as a manager in the family restaurant. Want's to return to work. what is the first task ? Serve for only a small area of the restaurant
MVA 6 months ago. Suffered a R temporal lobe brain injury. Experiencing memory, concentration, organization issues, and fatigue. Want's to return to work, How can the environment be modified to improve concentration? Encourage her to track/monitor her fatigue
The OT has noted she makes more errors when fatigued, what is the most important aspect of modified work hours and rest periods. a. track errors and fatigue b. discuss the work week during weekly sessions track errors and fatigue
C7-C8 complete spinal injury, wife hurt her Your pt plans on retiring in 2 months. What would have the greatest impact on long-term occupational engagement? c. Post-retirement planning
a C7-C8 complete spinal injury, his wife assists him with bed and bath transfers. He has arthritis in both shoulders, bruising on LE. What activity would likely be most difficult to perform? a. Reaching down to pick up something from the floor b. Signing the OT forms
a C7-C8 complete spinal injury, his wife assists him with bed and bath transfers. He has arthritis in both shoulders, bruising on LE. Why would this patient avoid reaching for light switches? a. Inability to reach over head b. Light switches are too high
C7-C8 complete spinal injury He uses a manual wheelchair. His wife hurt her wrist pushing the chair. His wife assists him with bed and bath transfers. He has arthritis in both shoulders, bruising on LE. In response to bruising, what would the OT do first? b. Inspect his skin
Your pt's wife hurt her wrist pushing the chair. His wife assists him with bed and bath transfers. He has arthritis in both shoulders, bruising on LE. What intervention would be best for his wife? Educate her on wheelchair handling
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