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Crim. Justice Chpt 6

Policing: Issues and challenges

Police personality and culture Police subculture Streetwise -Informal means of accomplishing the job Police working personality -Table 6-1 -Two sources: predisposition & socialization The challenge in policing a multicultural society
Police corruption Corruption -Slippery slope -Occupational deviance -Abuse of authority -Police deviance is predictive of corruption $ Money
Knapp Commission Grass eaters and meat eaters
Integrity Police officers to report corrupt activities Administrators to acknowledge corruption Victims to report corruption Tracking complaints and disciplinary actions Collect data on the racial makeup of citizens stopped for traffic violations
Integrity Cont. Investigate the use of force by police Drug test on police officers Code of Ethics Internal affairs
Dangers of police work Violence against the police Contact with infectious disease Stress and fatigue -Health issues -Suicide
Dangers of police work cont. Coping techniques -Meditation -Counseling -Exercise
Civil liability
1983 lawsuits Section 1983 of Title 42 of the US Code Civil rights of men and women of all races For the denial of constitutional rights
Bivens action Against federal officials for denying constitutional rights of others
Sovereign immunity Protecting government from civil lawsuits
Qualified immunity Protecting agents from civil lawsuits
Liability insurance
Police biases Racial Profiling -2003 DOJ banned racial profiling in all federal level agencies, except for terrorist suspects Religious profiling
Police use of force Excessive use of force Use of excessive force Illegal use of force Force factor -The level of force used by the police relative to the suspect’s level of resistance Problem police officers
Deadly force Reasonableness of the moment FBI policy -Defense of life -Fleeing subject -Verbal warning -Warning shot -Vehicle Suicide by cop Less than lethal weapons -E.g. tasers or pepper spray
Professionalism Ethics Education and training Educated officers Recruitment
Women as police officers Physical capacity Female offenders Public image Psychological stress Promotion
Created by: KyronCox