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basic geography terms

Which type of line helps us understand climate? Lines of Latitude
Which type of line is used to express time zones? Lines of Longitude.
This is the only country inside a city (Rome, Italy) Vatican City
Another name for a line of latitude Parallel
Another name for a line of longitude Meridian
Roughly along the 180 degree line of longitude, it is adjusted to keep all of a country on the same side or to make trading with other countries easier International Dateline
If I want to find my way around the school or Disneyland, I would use this kind of map Special Purpose Map
A two dimensional map like the one in the classroom is a Mercator Projection. What problem does it cause for those that view it? It distorts sizes at the poles (top and bottom) and makes the landmasses look larger than they are.
This river runs through the middle of London, England. Thames River
This river runs through Paris, France and if you fall in it you'll be insane. River Seine
This mountain chain provides the northern boundary between Asia and Europe. Ural Mountains
This mountain chain runs through the middle of Italy Apennines Mountains
This mountain chain runs across the northern part of Italy and throughout Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Germany and France. It has been the home of the Winter Olympics numerous times. Alps Mountains
This landmass is surrounded on three sides by water. Peninsula
This is a narrow stretch of land that connects two larger landmasses Isthmus
A region can be different things to different people. I might think of sports when I think of Philadelphia, while you may think of the Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Zoo. This is known as a _____________ Region Perceptual (how you think of it in your own mind).
What kind of resource is the Sun? flow (it moves in a steady flow)
What strait connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterraen Sea Strait of Gibraltar
When we cut down trees to make room for villages and towns, we are seeing this theme of geography in action Human-Environmental Interaction.
Which country is an Island: Denmark or Iceland? Iceland
Which country is a peninsula: Italy or Ireland? Italy
When man tames and controls the growth and use of animals and seeds for his needs, it is called domestication.
Spreading religions, migrating to new lands, exchanging ideas and trade are all elements of this theme of geography? Movement
Tectonic plate movement, Volcanoes, Tsunami's are NOT part of the Movement Theme of Geography, True or False? True
The Earth Rotates on its Axis once every 24 hours
The Earth makes one Revolution every 365 days
This in a non-renewable resource. Once it is used, it is gone! Oil
What kind of resource are trees? Renewable because you can keep growing more to use.
European land forms and countries are primarily these two physical features: Islands and Peninsulas
This kind of region has a focal point or center that provides news, sports, information, or a transportation network that keeps it together. Functional Region.
This kind of region is a combination of similar cultural and/ or physical features that is common throughout the area. Formal Region.
Characteristic that humans have created in a place such as language, religion, housing, or settlement patterns cultural feature
A long narrow coastal inlet with steep sides, often formed by glacial action, especially along the western coasts of Norway and Greenland Fjord
Large, thick body of slowly moving ice Glacier
Which country is an island: Portugal or United Kingdom United Kingdom
Which animal can be domesticated: camel or elephant? Camel
What kind of resource is water? Flow
What kind of resource is cattle? Renewable
What kind of resource is coal? non-renewable.
This is the only city in the world that lies on two Continents Istanbul
Which physical feature connects two larger bodies of water? Strait
Why does the International Dateline jog around landmasses instead of keeping true to the 180 degree line? To keep countries and trading partners on the same day!