StudyME is an application to display flashcards on Java enabled cell phones.  If your phone supports J2ME and your carrier allows you to download applications, you should be able to run this application on your phone.
StudyME may be obtained using any of the following methods:
Use your cellphone's browser and go to: - Quick download code 1252
Download the files to your PC, then transfer them to your phone using a cable or wireless connection
If you already have experience downloading applications to your phone from .jar and .jad files you may access them directly from the links below.
    studyme.jad (1.0)
    studyme.jar (1.0)
    studyme.jad (1.2)
    studyme.jar (1.2)
To use this application after installing it on your cellphone, explore the website on your computer to find the data that you wish to study.  Use the matching, flashcards, study table, and hangman pages online to learn the information.  Then, for the data that you wish to be able to study even when you are away from your computer, use the StudyME application's "Download" command to place the data on your cellphone.  After selecting "Download", the StudyME application will prompt you to enter the "Stack ID" of the data you wish to download.  This number is displayed on the website.
When you start the StudyME application on your cellphone, a menu of commands like the one on the phone above will be displayed.
The "Study" command is used to display the current set of flashcards.  Each item of the card will be displayed as you select the "Next" command to advance through all the items.  After you first install the program, a default set of cards will be displayed.
The "Download" command is used to get the data that you really want to study.  You may download any of the data that is displayed on the StudyStack web site.  (The StudyStack web site will allow you to enter new data if you don't find a data set that meets your needs.)  When you select the "Download" command you will be prompted to enter the "Stack ID" of the data you wish to download.  The stack id is a number displayed on the web site to identify each different set of flashcards.  This number is circled in red in the image above.
The "Delete" command is used to remove the current data set from your phone's memory.
The "Options" command will display a menu of four choices that can be used to alter how the application behaves.  The "Stack" option allows you to choose which data set you wish to study.  You'd use this if you have downloaded multiple data sets.  The "Direction" option allows you to choose the order that the parts of the flashcards are displayed.  (Question first or Answer first).  The "Order" option lets you indicate if you want the cards displayed randomly or in sequential order.  And the "Keys" option lets you select an "advanced" mode which allows you to go to the "next" or "previous" data when you are studying the cards.
The "About" command displays the version of the application you are running.  It also displays when the beta version of the program will expire.
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