these are the most common spanish verbs.

Abrir To open
Acabrar To Finish, end, terminate
Andar To walk/ go on foot
Aprender to learn
Ayudar to aid, help assist. Ayuando
Banjar to go down, decend. Bajando
bañar to bathe Baño
beber to drink bebiendo
botar to throw away
caber to fit, be contained in.
caer to fall
caerse to fall asleep
callarse to keep quiet
caminar to walk caminando
cantar to sing
cenar to dine, eat
cerrar to close, shut.cierro cierras Cierra cierran
cocinar to cook
coger to catch
comenzar to begin, commence
comer to eat
comprar to buy
conducir to lead
conocer to know Conozer Conocemos conoces conoseis conoce conocen
construir to build
contar to count
convencer to convince
creer to believee
dar to give
deber to owe like debt
decir to tell
dejar to leave dejando
devolver to return
dormir to sleep
dormirse to fall asleep. 0--> ue
ducharse to bathe
encontrar to find
enfermarse to fall ill, get sick
entender to understand. entiendo
entrar to enter, come in, go in
escoger to chose
escribir to write. escribiendo
estar to be
estudiar to study
gaster to spend $
gustar to like
haber to have,
hablar to talk
hacer: to make
ir to go
irse to go
leer to read. leendo
limprar to clean.