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Cellphone Use Improves Grades

If you're looking for a new angle to use to convince your parents to buy you a cellphone or you already have one but your parents are about to take it away unless you improve your grades, a new cellphone application called StudyME might be just what you need.  Developed by StudyStack.com, StudyME turns your cellphone into a stack of flashcards.  After you install the program to your cellphone, you will be able to download any of the thousands of stacks of cards directly to your phone.  To find the stacks, you need to browse www.studystack.com from a computer.  You can study the cards online.  But if you want to be able to study wherever you are when you have a few extra minutes, you'll want to download the cards to your cellphone.  The process is simple.  Just find the numeric "studystack id" of the desired data on the website and enter it on StudyME's download form.  After a few seconds the cards will be downloaded to your cellphone.  If you want to create your own flashcards, you have to enter them on the website first.  But that is a lot quicker then keying them in on your phone anyway.
The phone application only displays the data as flashcards.  But the StudyStack website can displays the data as flashcards, a matching game, a hangman game, and a word search puzzle.
Both the StudyStack website and the StudyME program are completely free.  To use the StudyME program your cellphone must support Java (J2ME) applications; which most phones do.  StudyME can be downloaded from your cellphone's browser at wap.studystack.com