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abscent from
accustomed to
acquainted with
afraid of
annoyed with
apologize for
arise from
associate with
aware of
accuse of
arrive at
attribute to
basis of
believe in/to be
belong to
blame for
came into use
capable of
characterist of
commited to
composed of
concept of
connected to
conscience of
contribute to
continue to
contrast with
credit with
dedicated to
difference between
different from
distinguish from
decide to
define as
discriminate against
dream about/of
emphasis of
encourage by
escape from
finished with
fond of
forbid to
frown upon
great deal of
guilty of
hide from
hint at
hope for
impose on/upon
in connection with
indifference to
insist on/upon
instrumental in
interested in
involved in
irritating to
lead to
liminited to
object to
obsessed with
obtain from
opposed to
participate in
particular about
prohibit from
prepaired for
prevent from
proclaimed as
protest against
proud of
react to
recover from
related to
astounded by
jealous of
dispute over
indebted to
delighted by/for
resentful of/for
responcibility to
rescue from
respond to
result in
reversal of
satisfied with
scene of
similar to
stare at
stop from
substitute for
succeed in
suffer from
sympathize with
thank for
think of
target at
tired of
upset with
use as
view as
worry about
vote for/against
went about
with the help of
worry about
either..... or
neither..... nor
not only..... but also
the reason is.... that [not because]
different from
both... and
just as.... so
critics of
preoccupied with
Created by: sherpa.