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Know Your Roots


ag, ac do (example: agenda/action)
agri farm (example: agriculture)
aqua water (example: aquatic)
auto self (example: automatic)
biblo book (example: bibliography)
bio life (example: biography)
cad, cas fall (example: cadence, casual)
cap, cep,cept take (example: captive, accept)
ced, cede, ceed, cess go (example: intercede)
celer speed (example: accelerate)
chrom color (example: monochromatic)
chron time (example: chronological)
cide, cis cut (example: incision)
clude,clud,clus close, close in (example: include, cluster)
cog, cogn knowledge of (example: recognize)
cur, curs run (example: recur, cursive)
ded give (ex: dedicate)
dent, dont tooth (ex: dental)
duce, duct lead (ex: induce, deduct)
fact, fect, fict make, do (ex: perfect, fiction, factory)
fer, late carry (ex: refer, dilate, transfer, translate)
flect, flex bend, turn (ex: reflect)
fring, fract break (ex: infringe, refract)
graph, gram picture, writing (ex: graphic, telegram)
greg group, gather (ex: gregarious, congregation)
gress, grad step, walk (ex: progress, degrade)
hydr water (ex: hydrate)
ject throw (ex: inject)
jud right (ex: judicial)
junct join (ex: conjunction)
juris law, justice (ex: jurist)
lect,leg read, choose (ex: collect, legible)
logue speech, speaking (ex: dialogue)
logy study of (ex: psychology)
loq,loc speak (ex: elocution)
lude, lus play, perform (ex: elude, ludicrous)
manu by hand (ex: manuscript)
mand order (ex: demand)
mar sea (ex: maritime)
med middle (ex: intermediate)
ment, mem mind, memory (ex: mention)
meter measure (ex:thermometer)
micro small (ex:microscope)
min lessen (ex: miniature)
mis,miss,mit send (ex: remit, dismiss)
mot, mov move (ex: remote, remove)
mute change (ex: commute, mutation)
naut sailor, sail (ex: nautical)
nounce, nunci declare, state (ex: announce, enunciate)
ped, pod foot (ex: pedal
pel, pulse drive, push (ex: dispel, impulse)
pend, pense hang (ex: depend, dispenser)
plac please (ex: placate)
plic fold (ex: implicate)
port carry (ex: portable)
pose, pone put, place (ex: depose, component)
reg,rect rule (ex: regulate, direct)
rupt break (ex: disruption)
sec, sect cut (ex: bisect)
sed remain (ex: sedentary)
sert weave, behind (ex: insert)
serve keep, save (ex: preserve)
scend, scent climb (ex: ascent)
scribe, script write (ex: describe, transcript)
sist stand, set (ex: insist)
spect look (ex: inspect)
spire, spirat breath, breathe (ex: perspire)
strict tighten (ex: restrict)
tain hold (ex: detain)
term end (ex: terminate)
tract draw, drag (ex: detract)
tort twist (ex: distort)
vene, vent come (ex: intervene, invent)
vict overcome, conquer (ex: evict)
volve, volu roll, turn (ex: evolve, evolution)
Created by: tngarner07