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Pastry & Raising Age

Classify pastry? Short crust, Rich short crust, Suet, Rough puff, Puff, Flaky, Choux, Filo
What can short crust pastry be used for? Steak pie or Quiche
What can rich short crust pastry be used for? Fruit tart or Lemon mergingue pie
What can suet pastry be used for? Dumplings or Steamed pudding
What can rough puff pastry be used for? Sausage rolls & chicken pie
What can puff pastry be used for? Croissants & Vol-au-vent
What can flaky pastry be used for? Mince pie & Eccles cakes
What can choux pastry be used for? Éclairs & Profiteroles
What can filo pastry be used for? Spring rolls & Samosas
What should you do with ingredients for pastry? Weigh them accurately
What is essential in pastry making? Coldness, to avoid butter melting
What should you avoid? Over working the pastry
What should you introduce in pastry making? As much air as possible to make it light and fluffy
How should you add liquid? Gradually, too much will make it too sticky
After the first 10mins of cooking what should you do? Reduce the temperature
What is the baking blind method? Baking pastry without any filling
What are characteristics of a well made pastry? Attractive colour, Crispy airy texture, Rich buttery flavour
Why has commercial pastry become popular? Busier lifestyles
Classify raising agents ? Mechanical, Chemical, Biological
What is an example of mechanical raising agent? Air
How can you introduce air physically into a mixture? Sieving, Rubbing, Creaming, Whisking, Folding
What is a chemical raising agent? Chemical reaction between an acid and an alkali.
What is the chemical formula for raising agents? alkali+acid+liquid= CO2
What is an example of chemical raising agent? Baking powder
What is the biological raising agent? Baker's yeast
What is fermentation? Is the breakdown of carbohydrate by microorganisms to produce CO2, alcohol and energy.
What is the 1st stage of fermentation? Diastase in flour converts starch to maltose
What is the 2nd stage of fermentation? Maltase in yeast converts maltose to glucose
What is the 3rd stage of fermentation? Invertase in yeast converts sucrose to glucose and fructose
What is the final stage of fermentation? Zymase in yeast ferments the glucose and fructose to CO2 and alcohol
What happens when baking in the oven? Yeast is killed, fermentation stops, alcohol CO2 and water evaporates, gluten coagulates
What are the 2 types of yeast? Fresh yeast & Fast action dried yeast
What is fresh yeast? Creamy colour, beer like smell
What is fast action dried yeast? Most popular yeast, granular, sold in individual packets
What is Chorleywood processing? is a process of bread making that involves the addition of vitamin C to the yeast bread mixture
What kind of flour should you use in cooking? Strong flour
What should you do with the dough? You should knead dough thoroughly
Created by: SarahBonner