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The Constitution

Hannah and Megan

Why is the US Constitution flexible? Allows the government to change things.
What 4 ways is the US Constitution flexible? 1) Comes with a pencil and eraser. 2)The elastic cause. 3) The unwritten Constitution. 4) Judicial review.
What does "it comes with a pencil and eraser" mean? We can make amendments
What portion of Congress is needed to change the Constitution? 2/3 both houses
What portion of the States is needed to change the Constitution? 3/4 of all States
What is the 22nd Amendment? Which President caused this amendment to be put in place? Presidents can serve for no more than 2 terms.-> President F.T.R
What does "The Elastic cause" mean? Congress shall make all laws necessary.
What does "The unwritten Constitution" mean? Things we do that are not written down. EX) Exchanging gift on some Holidays
How is "Judaical Review" flexible? Change happens (Change in general.)
Who was Fredrick Douglass ? An escaped slave turned abolitionist
Fredrick Douglass was told to overthrow the constitution because it was a ________ Slavery Document
What organization paid Fredrick Douglass to go on the road full time? Massachusetts Anti Slavery Society
How did Fredrick Douglass finally realize that the 3/5 clause was an anti slavery clause? He read convention notes
3 hardcore southern states Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
At this time in history, how inhabitants were needed to get a representative in congress? 30,000
What is the electoral college comprised of? A group of people appointed by each state.
What is the job of the electoral college? To elect the prez and vice prez
How do you arrive at a total number of 538 electors? 435 representatives, 100 senators, and 3 electors from Washington DC
What is the magic number of electors needed to become president? 270 aka 1/2
What event causes a state to gain or lose electors every 10 years? Population (census)
Critics argue that the electoral college gives an ______________ ______to states with large numbers of electoral votes. unfair advantage _______ ____________
How many large states must a candidate win in order to reach enough votes to win the election? 11
Name 3 of the large states needed to win? Florida, Texas, California
Define safe state: when a state has a long history of voting for one party for a long time
Define swing state: teetering between parties
First three words of the constitution We The People
Created by: day1lab