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TH exam 4

Which case did the Government decide that the government can take your land to build a hotel, etc. Kell v. New London, CT
Crimes that happen in Texas, happen in: Cities, minorities, but not rich people
In Texas(concerning Texas as a community property state), during a divorce Child support and alimony is required
A warrant can be issued to arrest you for all of the following except " You look sketchy"
Texas gets involved in health. Care by helping the really poor get healthcare and regulating private insurance companies
The Miranda rule applies on all cases except Issues of public safety
What v are examples of issues taken care of by special district governments airports and school districts
Who finds fixing interstate highways TxDOT
Texas executes so many people because they Follow through
Texas cities experience less " white flight", urban decay, etc. Because of Texas annexation laws
Who deals with money & curriculum? Board of education.
When you join a county government with a city government, you___ Consolidate
Local governments use bonds, or ______ to find projects for New roads public debt
This kind of insurance we wish we had, says the insurance company pays all the damages No fault
Which other state collects more income taxes than Texas? Alaska
In Texas we are a _____, which means no unions Right-to-work
To people who make the least, bear the most burden, when it comes to paying ___ taxes Regressive
When a court process a will is valid, they____ probate
In Texas, if you don't live in a general-law city, then you love on a _____ city Home-law
County governments use a _____ v system of hiring to get new employees Spoils
The city is very decentralized in a ______ form of local Weak mayor
The most broad based tax collected in Texas is the ____ tax Sales
The _____ theory of economics says lower taxes, so businesses will spend more and boost the economy Supply side
Hospitals, transits & schools are______ of government in Texas Special districts
___ is when you gather a bunch of signatures to get weed on the ballot in your town Initiative
The biggest individual source of revenue for local governments comes from federal
___ is what the Texas Government spend most money on Education
The ____ _____ is a county's top financial person Tax assessor
The Texas legislator uses____ processes to approve paying for things Appropriations
The ___ amendment says no unreasonable searches & seizures Fourth
The _____ rule says you can't use evidence in court if it was illegally obtained Exclusionary
___-____ is the idea that people on a city council should only be allowed to serve so many times in a row Term limits
Local governments collect ____ tax, which is a major source of revenue for all local governments Property
___ is when the person who loses the lawsuit pays all the damages & legal expenses for the winner Loser pays
_____ kind of bonds are repaid for whatever service they financed when they were created & approved Revenue
__ tax is collected on items like booze & has Sin
Prostitution, doing drugs, & gambling are all examples of a ___ crime Victimless
The___ law increased state funding & established the TEA in 1949 Gilmeraikin
___ is a criminal issue Morals
TXDOT gets federal funds for Fixing interstate highways
Texas has ___ property taxes high
The assigned council system is not great, because of . . . Cronyism regarding campaign donations
Special district governments have issues sometimes, due to Too many, too small
What id's supposed to happen in jail? Punishment, remorse, rehabilitation
What is an ad volorem tax? Adding tax as things increase in value
Ft. Worth has a council manager form of government meaning the city manager; Find things from day to day
Who is legally allowed home rule Cities with more than 5000
When people fight about taxes, they are usually fighting, because; What should be taxed
What is the trans-Texas corridor? A highway supplement program that b would lay 50 years
What method so we use to give money from property taxes to poorer school districts? Redistribution of taxes at the state level
When you create a corporation, what is implied? A new person, who can be sued
Created by: BriBri_33