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John Hancock president of 2nd Continental Congress; first/biggest signature on DOI
George Washington commander of Continental Army
Olive Branch Petition 2nd Continental Congress's last attempt at a peaceful resolution with King George
Second Continental Congress organization of delegates from all colonies that wrote/signed DOI
declaration formal statement or announcement
Ben Franklin a signer of the DOI
Thomas Jefferson writer of DOI
Declaration of Independence document declaring colonies' freedom from the King; list of grievances against King George
Independence Hall Pennsylvania State House; building where 2nd Continental Congress met; DOI was signed there
Continental Army colonial army
Hessians German soldiers for hire; fought on the British side
Valley Forge area in PA where Washington's troops spent a very difficult winter; those who survived together came out stronger
constitution a document stating the basic principles of a government; each colony wrote one before the end of the AmRev
separation of powers establishing different governmental rights and duties to different branches in order to prevent one person, office, or group from having too much power
Bill of Rights part of a constitution establishing basic rights
Lord Charles Cornwallis English commander who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown
Yorktown, VA site of the final battle of the AmRev; English surrendered
Treaty of Paris peace treaty between England & US; officially ended AmRev
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