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Adamant An Extremely hard surface
Amber A Reddish-yellow color
Beryl A Precious stone
Burnished Refined by fire, purified of impurities (as metals)
Captivity A term used to show the removal of a people onto another land
Fitches A Vegetable resembling common peas
Flint A Hard rock, properly a variety of quartz
Impudent Characterized by offensive boldness, insolent or impertinent
Lentils A Species of pulse, something like peas in appearance
Millet A Plant resembling wheat and rye
Rebellious Resisting treatment or management; insubordinate, sediditious
Rings The Rims of the wheels
Roll Manuscript; The usual form of book in Bible times
Shekel An Weight and money unit equal to about one half an ounce
Spread Distribute, extend, open, furl
Chebar A River of Chaldea where the prophet Ezekiel first received his visions from God
Telabib A Hill on the River of Chebar, where Ezekiel stayed with the Jewish exiles for a week
Abase To make low
Abolish To change, to pass away
Abroad Outside, without, to manifest
Abundance Multitude, strength, fullness, power
Appoint To establish, to set in an office
Arch An architectural term used to describe a structure in Ezekiel's temple
Balances Instruments used to weigh objects, especially gold and silver
Barber One who cares for the hair and beard
Bath A liquid measure equal to about 8 gallons, the largest Jewish liquid measure
Beard Cherished by the Jews as the badge of the dignity of manhood
Blemish A defect whether physical, mental, or spiritual
Calamus A sweet plant which was used in making the anoint oil
Caldron A pot used for cooking flesh
Cherubim Angelic beings who manifest the holiness and glory of God
Conspiracy A combination of persons for an evil purpose
Contrary Opposite in nature or character
Court An open enclosure connected with a building
Daub To plaster or cover
Debtor One who owes something
Defile To pollute, make profane, render unclean, or corrupt
Desolate Destitute or deprived of inhabitants
Despiteful Full of spite, malicious, malignant
Detestable Extremely hateful, abominable, very odious
Diadem The mitre of the high priest
Diamond A precious stone more frequently called adamant in the Bible
Diminish To make less, to degrade
Dishonest Lacking integrity, not to be trusted
Disperse To break up, to scatter abroad
Divination The art of obtaining secret knowledge usually of the future in a way other than genuine prophecy by the Spirit of God
Dross Refuse, waste material
Ebony A valuable wood used for inlaying an ornamental turnery
Emerald A precious stone of light green color
Ephah A measure containing ten omers
Estranged To be strange, separate, turn aside
Exactions A demand for money lent on pledge
Fatling An animal put up to be fatted for slaughter
Fornication In general it refers to illicit sexual intercourse
Furbish Polish and brighten
Furrow A trench in the ground
Gallery An architectural term signifying a projection of a story or porch, a terrace
Gaps Breaches in the walls or defenses
Imperious Domineering, arrogant, exacting
Issue To flow, go out of, go forth, run
Maneh A pound weight
Merchandise Trade, business, barter
Needy Poverty-stricken, very poor
Offend Transgress, sin
Purge Purify, cleanse from guilt
Ravenous Voracious, gluttonous
Reckon To number, to account
Reconcile To cover, to restore
Remove Take away, put out, banish
Replenish Fill, make plentiful
Residue Remains, leavings, remnant
Riddle A hard question or dark saying
Sail Part of wind-propelled ship
Scatter Strew, spread, disperse
Showers Bursts or rain, full supply
Sith An old English word meaning since, afterwards, seeing that
Sprinkle To scatter in drops
Stature The measurement of one's height
Talkers Babbler, evil speaker
Till To work, to cultivate
Unsatiable Unsatisfied
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