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Midterms Social Stud

Peninsula A strip of land that has water on three sides. EX: Italy
Ural Mountain A mountain range located in Russia that separates Europe from Asia.
Monarch The head of state in a monarchy. Usually called a King, Queen, or Emperor.
Strait A thin creek or river that connects two larger rivers.
Standard of Living How many people in a country can read or right.
Tariff A tax on goods being imported into a country.
Alps A mountain range right in the northern Italy area.
European Union A collection of 27 European countries that have come together to have free trade, moving of countries, and peace.
Czar/Tsar The King of Russia before the Russian Revolution.
Lenin The communist ruler of Russia after the Russian Revolution.
synagogue Place of worship for a jew
mosque Place of worship for a muslim
Parlementary Monarch A figure head or powerless leader.
Uk consists of Whales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
Danube Goes east and starts in the black forest of Germany
Rhine Runs south 2nd largest river in Germany