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Social 8

Ch. 17

subsidy grants of land or money
Union Pacific Railroad railroad line from Omaha, Nebraska and westward
Dawes Act 1887 act that encouraged Native Americans to become farmers
Battle of Little Bighorn Sitting bull and Crazy horse defeated General Custer
Central Pacific Railroad began in Sacramento, California and built eastward
Vigilante self-appointed law keepers
Ghost Dance dance by Native Americans to bring back ancestors and buffalo
Sitting Bull Lakota chief who wanted settlers off the land and would fight to keep traditional way of life...Battle of Little BigHorn
Reservation land set aside for Native Americans to live on
Chief Joseph fought against Army troops as they followed his people into Canada
Geronimo waged war off and on for 10 years from Mexico
Fort Laramie Treaty asked Native Americans to keep to limited areas that would be theirs
Transcontinental Railroad railroad line that spanned the continent
Chisholm Trail a trail blazed by Jesse Chisholm from Texas to Kansas Pacific Railroad
Vaquero Mexican cowhand, or cowboy
Cattle Herd the herding and moving of cattle over long distances
Homestead Act Congress passed law to give 160 acres to anyone who farmed it for 5 years
Sodbusters people busting through sod in the Great Plains
Exoduster group of southern African American who moved west to Kansas to start a new life
Grange groups of farmers who met for lectures, sewing bees, and other events
Homesteader settlers who got free land from the government
Battle of Wounded Knee marked the end of the Indian Wars, 200 Sioux killed
Wild West term used to describe West as a place of adventures, opportunities, and gun-slinging cowboys
Boomers people went to Oklahoma to claim land
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