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social studies-ch17


vigilante self appointed law-keepers
subsidy grants for land or money
transcontinental railroad railroad line that spanned the continent
travois small sleds
tepees cone-shaoed tents made of buffalo skins
reservation land set aside for native americans
open range unfenced land in Texas
cattle drive herding cattle over long distances
vaquero spanish name for cowboys or cowhand
cattle kingdom region dominated by cattle industry
homesteaders settlers who aquired land from the government
sod surface layer on earth in which roots of grass tangle
sodbusters plains farmers
sooners people that snuck on land and claimed it first
granges groups of farmers who met for letcures, sewing bees, and other events
farm coopertives groups of farmers who pool their money to make a large purchases of tools,seeds, and other supplies
inflation general rise in prices
william jennings bryan supported by popilists in the election of 1896
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