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Unit 6 Chapter 14

Who invaded Europe in search of loot ,a new climate and land ? The Vikings .
How did Christianity spread across Europe? Through religious orders of monks and nuns that lived in convents.
Where was Charlemagne's Empire by 814? included most of western and central Europe.
What functions did the Rhine and Danube provide for the kingdoms in Europe? a natural barrier ,a source of water for irrigating, waterways for travel and trade ,and a source of food.
What did Christianity teach about the nature of humans? It believed that humans were sinful and weak and salvation could only be reached through being a member of the Roman Catholic Church
St. Patrick was an important missionary that spread Christianity throughout what part of Europe? He converted the pagans in Ireland.
Who was the first great ruler during the Middle Ages, who promoted justice and education? Charlemane, also know as Charles the Great
Who were the invaders? The Vikings
What were the nature of human? They were sinful .
How can you get to heaven? Have a faith in Christ.
What did the lady of the manor do? She ran the manor and the household.
What did the lord do in the manor? he judge minor crime and settle argumets.
Created by: Franciscov