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The Odyssey

Moira fate given to man from the Gods/Do the God's control my fate or do I? "Year spun out by the Gods"
Hubris excessive pride (the Greeks thought this was the biggest flaw of all)
Nostos yearning for home; nostalgia (a feeling one experiences); "his heart sat on his wife and his return"
Oikos Ithica; home (family, community, economic system, etc); this is what defines a person
Arete excellent, living up to one's potential
Time material honor (example: trophy)
Cleos reputation
Xenia the guest- host code; it involves food, shelter, and entertainment; "I may have brought water soon and graceful golden pitcher over a silver basin...poured them wine"
Sophrosyne moderation; self-control (this is the antithesis of hubris)
Greek Value Importance of swearing an oath
Odysseus man of twist and turns
Calypso bewitching nymph; lustrous Goddess
Athena Sparkling eyed, Odysseus mentor (Mentes), clear eyed goddess
Zeuss marshall of the thunder heads, father of the men
Poisden lord of the baron salt sea
Hermes God and Giant Killer
Telemachus heart obsessed with grief, heedful, discreet
Aegisthus cunning & murderous
Achean bronze armored
Menelaus red haired
Penelope That radiant woman, Icarius’ daughter Penelope, wary and reserved
Polyphemus the brutal Cyclops
Eurycleia his fond old nurse, god’s own Odysseus, the barren salt sea
Laertes Father of Odysseus; kept to himself on the farm
Anticlieia mother of Odysseus
Circe Bewitching nymph, goddess of magic
Cyclops one-eyed giant, son of Poseidon
Demodocus poet who often visits the court of Alcinous, King of Phaesacians on the island of Scherie; performs 3 narrative songs
Phemius son of Terpes is gifted poet
Elpenor Odysseus' crew mate who fell off Circe's roof b/c he was drunk
Clytemnestra Agamemnon's wife who kills him
Lotus Eaters false reality
Broadsea player in the games that are held in Phaeaia
Tiresias prophet of Thebes
Homer author of the Odyessy
Nausicaa daughter of Queen Arete & King Alcinous; guides Odysseus to kingdom
King Alcinous King of Phaesia, offers Xenia to Odysseus
Queen Arete Queen of Phaesia;
Phaeacieans people who live in Phasia & compete in the games
Achilles God; fights in trojen war, killed by an arrow in the heel
Fates three sister dieties,incarnations of destiny & life; who share one eye
Antinous competitor in games in Phasia; leads the campaign to have Telemachus killed; suitor that tries to court Penelope; dies when Odyssues returns
Ino lesser God; gives Odysseus advice to abandon the raft & swim
Agememnon fights along side Odysseus & is killed by Clytemnestra (his wife) & dies
Characteristics of Epic has a national hero that performs incred feats; historical, legendary or mythical or a combo of the 3; specific style & formal language
Characteristics of Epic hero humble, mysterious, miraculous birth or maybe the son of a God or Goddess, may not even know his real parents until adulthood; supernatural or superhuman strenght or ability; magical device for protection; only works for him
Propriety conforming to standards
Swaggering weird walking
brazen bold & w/o shame
antagonist a person who is opposed to, struggles against or competes wiht another; the adversary of the hero
protagonist the leading character, hero or heroine of a drama or other literary work; advocate of a political cause, social program ; leader of a movement
soothsayer/profet one who claims to foretell events or predict the future; prophet-person who speaks by diven inspiration or as the interpreter, the will of a God
bard/rhapsode bard-person who composed/recited epic or heroic poems, epithet of Wm Shakespeare; rhapsode-an epic poem or part of such a peom, as a book of the Illiad, enthusiastic piece of literature
the Greek Dialectic the conventionalized & poetic dialect of the Attic tragic poets; Homeric Greek is used in the first epic poems; the Illiad & Odyssey
soliloquy an utterance of disourse by a person who is talking to himself/herself, disregardful of oblivious to any hearers persent
foil character opposite characters
libations the pouring out of a drink as an offering to a deity
supplication the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly
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