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Religion 1002

Confucianism and Zen

Chan Buhddhism came to China through Boddhi Dharma
Origin of word Chan(china)  son (Korean)  zen (Japan)
Dhyana meditation
Founding story Buddha shows the flower
Zazen seated meditation
Do not externalize the Buddha realize it for yourself in the present
Koan story, phrase from Budhha
Kensho The first sight of truth
Sitori Enlightenment
Xiao Filial Piety. Respect for elders and persons in authority.
Tianming A mandate to rule. Principle developed by the Zhou to justify their conquest of the Shang.
Tianzi “Son of Heaven”. The title of the Emperor.
Junzi The Noble Man.
Zhou Dynasty 1122 – 771 BCE
Age of Hundred Philosophers
SHI Have to actively seek harmony, strives for harmony. Process> Destination
Hou Ji God of Millet, first ancestor of Zhou Ruling Family. Discovered Agriculture and taught it to his descendants.
Tian Roughly translated as Heaven. The original supreme Zhou Deity. The original source of natural and moral order. Seen vaguely as more of a Force than a person.
Dao Basic meaning is “road” or “path”. The ordering principle that makes cosmic harmony possible. The paths of stars and seasonal cycles are seen as manifestations of Dao. This is the only proper pattern for natural and social life.
Yin and Yang Two opposite but complementary forces or tendencies by which it is possible to understand the dynamism of all things. Good is seen as the proper mix of yin and yang. Bad is seen as an excess of either aspect.
Yin Covered by clouds, dark, secret, cool.
Yang Light, open, and warm.
Li Ritual, custom, propriety, manners. The Ritualizing of Life. The oldest meaning of Li refers to sacred rites of hospitality. All activities can be seen as sacred and should be performed ritually.
Ren Humanity, humaneness. A measure of individual character. Ren is the human character that results from acting according to Li. Ren can also be thought of as Self-Control. Being a good person.
De (virtue) A quality exhibited by the sages. It is a sacred personal force, akin to charisma. It is power that can change history by bringing about harmonious order.
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