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population-9 Word Scramble


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chapter 9

Allele frequency is NOT changed, and there is an increase in the # of homozygous individuals Interbreeding
Mating of non relatives which makes hybrids or heterozygotes Outbreeding
phemptypic ration of a dihybrid cross 9:3:3:1
mendellian ratio 3:1
map of chromosomes karyotype
organisms within the same _____ usually have similiar genetic structures GROUP
king, phylis, came, over, for, great, soup taxonomy
Domains=3 of them come be4 kingdoms archae, bacteria, and Eukarya
species can reproduce fertile offsprings
K population has what kind of curve? sigmoidal ( b/c of carrying capacity)
when 2 or more species evolving from the same group maintain a similiar structure from a common anscestor = HOMOLOGOUS structure DIvergent
2 species may independently evolve similiar structures in _____ evolution = ANALOGOUS/ HOMOPLASTIC Convergent
wings of bats= wings of birds=homoplasty= Convergent ( dont share a common ancestor)
hardy weinburg= large population; mutational equilibrium; no emmigration or immigration; random mating; no selection for the fittest organism
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