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wave or particle-mrb Word Scramble


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wave or particle-mrb

wave or particle

What is the name given to a packet or energy? Photon
When light travels from air in to glass does it move towards or away from the normal? Towards
What is the name given to the effect in which light frees electrons from metal atoms? Photoelectric effect
Which section of the EM spectrum has the highest frequency? Gamma
What is the name of the process where an object jumps 2 states when heated or cooled? Sublimation
Is flambouroug head on the Holderness coast predominantly soft rock or chalk? Chalk
What is opposite to a node Antinode
The first harmonic consists of ?λ ? Half
What does DNA stand for? Deoxyribonucleic acid
What does the letter U stand for when it represents a base found in DNA Urasil
Created by: mrburb on 2009-02-13

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