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G.G Chapt 4-6 Vocab Word Scramble


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G.G Chapt 4-6 Vocab

Denzin inhabitant
Disconcerting upsetting; confusing
Fluctuate vary; to change
Hydroplane a type of motoboat
Jauntily gaily; stylishly
Olfactory referring to a sense of smell
Somnambulatory in a sleepwalking manner
Defunct completely broken; dead
Harrowed distressed; vexed
Nebulous vague
Pompadour hair style in which the hair is brushed high over the forehead
Postern private gate
Reproach blame
Serfs a slave bound to the land and owned by a lord
Vestige trace; remnant
Conceits thoughts; conceptions
Dilatory tardy; slow moving
Laudable praiseworthy
Madame de Maintenon the mistress, and later the wife of French King Louis XIV
Proximity nearness
Septic dirty; infectious
Turgid inflated in language; bombastic
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