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Spanish 1 Capitulo 6 Vocabulario 1

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

de buen humor   in a good mood  
de mal humor   in a bad mood  
alegre   happy  
contento(a)   content  
triste   sad  
deprimido(a)   depressed  
enojado(a)   angry  
enfadado(a)   angry  
cansado(a)   tired  
energético(a)   energetic  
calmo(a)   calm  
tranquilo(a)   calm  
nervioso(a)   nervous  
paciente   patient  
impaciente   impatient  
dinámico(a)   dynamic, active, energetic  
obstinado(a)   stubborn  
terco(a)   stubborn  
flexible   flexible, easy-going  
ambicioso(a)   ambitious  
bien educado(a)   well-mannered  
la energía   energy  
el entusiasmo   enthusiasm  
la paciencia   patience  
la sonrisa   smile  
la cara   face  
la boca   mouth  
el tipo   type  
los modales   manners  
la conducta   behavior  
el comportamiento   behavior  
tener éxito   to be successful  
me falta(n)   I'm lacking/I don't have  
me enfada(n)   I'm angry about/___ angers me  
me enoja(n)   I'm angry about/___ angers me  
me molesta(n)   I'm annoyed by/___ annoys me  
agradable   friendly, agreeable  
perezoso(a)   lazy  
mal educado(a)   poorly-mannered  


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Created by: lworkens