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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Injection sites for subcutaneous   Back of arm, Abdomen, Upper back, Thigh  
Injection sites for IM   Deltod, Ventrogluteal, Dorsogulteal, Vastus lateralis  
Larger the gage # the...   smaller the needle  
In ID the bevel should be   up  
Inj on the abdomen should not be   within in 1 inch of the navel  
Never touch pills you...   pour them into the bottle cap or med cup  
IM inj in the deltoid is located   two fingerbreadths below the acromian process  
Angles and needle sized for SC   pinch 2" 90*, pinch 1" 45*. 25-30g needle 5/16-1 inch needle  
Angles and needle sized for ID   15*, Bevel up, 25-27g needle, 1/4-1/2 inch needle  
Angles and needle sized for IM   90*, 21-23g needle, 1- (1 & 1/2) inch needle  
Never aspirate with what two drugs   heparin & insulin  
Remember for insulin only use what type of needle?   insulin  
ID is commonly used for   TB & alergy testing  
For deltoid never inj more than   1cc, in all other sites 3 cc  
In IM should you aspirate?   Yes..you must  
If the solutin is irritating to the skin what method should you use?   Z track method for chemo drugs and iron  
the line on the med cup is called what?   meniscus  
Parts of a needle   Plunger, Barrel, Needle hilt, Needle, Bevel, Lumen, Shaft  
After drawing meds from multi use vials what should you do?   change the needle  
When reconstituting what steps should you do?   Recheck the order, is the drug in the correct form? Check directions for reconstitution on the drug label (choose the smallest volume), Five rights, When reconstituting drugs use correct diluent and correct strength.  
Why is the Z-track or zigzaging used?   to administer meds that are irritating to subcutaneous tissue.  
What is the perfered IM site?   Ventrogluteal  
What is the most common IM injection?   Dorsogluteal  
What is the perfered site for children?   Vastus lateralis  
When are your 3 checks for medication?   -Check label when removing drug from drawer -Check drug when removing from container -Check label after medication is dispensed  
Five Rights?   -Right drug -Right dose -Right client -Right route -Right time  
Two ways to Identify client   Armband, state name, state birthdate  
After administering all medicaitons:   wash hands, never recap dirty needles, document administration appropriately, evaluate response/document  
Before administering ALL meds:   Check MAR against doctor orders, check for drug allergies, check for inconsistencies, calculate dose, assess vital signs, gather all equipment, wash hands, Identify clinet, explain procedure, wear gloves  
Parts of a medication order:   Client full name, date & time taken, name of drug, dosage of drug, route of drug, frequency, signature of person writting the order  
Standing orders or routine orders are carried out untill?   a prescriber cancels it.  
Routes of medication Oral:   oral, sublingual (SL), buccal & enteral  
Routes of medication Parenteral   Subcutaneous (SQ), Intramuscular (IM), Intravenous (IV), Intradermal (ID), epidural  
Enteral means   directly into the stomach by way of a tube  
Parenteral means   going outside of digestive tract  
Routes of medication Topical or Mucus membrane   Skin, eye, ear, nose, throat, rectal, vaginal,  


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