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HHK 7.3.3

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Why did explorers come to Hawaii?   looking for new trade, Northwest passage  
Why did whalers come to Hawaii?   refit and relax  
Why did fur traders come to Hawaii?   refit and relax  
Why did sandalwood traders come to Hawaii?   to get sandalwood  
Why did missionaries come to Hawaii?   to convert the Hawaiians to Christianity  
What impact did the whalers have?   disruptive, brought new business, brought diseases  
What impact did the sandalwood trade have?   no more sandalwood, ali'i ordered maka'ainana to cut sandalwood and normal activities (food, clothe) suffered  
What impact did the explorers have?   put Hawaii on maps, introduced the rest of the world to the Pacific  
Was the impact of the whalers P/E/S?   P:little influence E:brought new businesses to refit ships S:alcohol, disease  
Was the impact of the explorers P/E/S?   P:international involvement E:involvement in trade, new business to refit ships S:change in beliefs, world view  
Was the impact of traders P/E/S?   P:wanted influence on trade;increased political involvement over time E:new trade, increased interdependence S:new products/ideas, sandalwood trade prevented normal activities from occurring  
Was the impact of the missionaries P/E/S?   P:advisors to converted royalty E:brought need for industries S:new religion  


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Created by: Mr. Falk on 2011-10-19

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