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Beyond the Hit Parade Group 2, Princeton Review

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

adjure   to renounce or reject solemnly; to recant; to avoid  
adumbrate   to foreshadow vaguely or imply; to suggest or outline sketchily; to obscure or overshadow  
anathema   a solemn or religious curse; a person or thing that is loathed  
anodyne   soothing; or something that comforts or soothes pain  
apogee   farthest or highest point; zenith  
apostate   one who abandons long-held religious or political beliefs  
apotheosis   glorification to godliness; an exalted example or a model of perfection  
asperity   severity  
asseverate   to assert  
assiduous   diligent; hardworking  
augury   omen  
bellicose   belligerent (hostile/aggressive); pugnacious  
calumniate   to slander or make false accusation  
captious   disposed to point out trivial faults; calculated to confuse or entrap in argument  
cavil   to find fault without good reason  
celerity   speed, alacrity THINK accelerate  
chimera   an illusion  
contumacious   insubordinate, rebellious  
debacle   fiasco  
denouement   an outcome or solution  
descry   to discriminate or discern  
desuetude   disuse (the state of not being used)  
desultory   random; aimless; having a lack of plan or purpose  
diaphanous   transparent, gauzy (thin)  
diffident   reserved, shy, THINK lack in confidence  
dirge   a song of grief  
encomium   glowing and enthusiastic praise; panegyric (public speech), eulogy  
eschew   to shun or avoid  
excoriate   to censure or upbraid (scold)  
execrate   to denounce; to declare to be evil  
exegesis   critical examination, explication (to unravel or unfold)  
expiate   to atone or make amends for  
extirpate   to destroy  
fatuous   silly  
fractious   quarrelsome, rebellious  
gainsay   to deny or oppose  
heterodox   unorthodox, heretical  
imbroglio   embarrassing situation  
indefatigable   not easily exhaustible, dogged (has persistence)  
ineluctable   certain, inevitable  
inimitable   one of a kind  
insouciant   carefree  
inveterate   deep rooted  
jejune   vapid (not interesting); childish  
lubricious   lewd, greasy  
mendicant   a beggar, supplicant (supplicate: to beg)  
meretricious   cheap  
minatory   menacing  
nadir   low point, perigee  
nonplussed   baffled  
obstreperous   noisily and stubbornly defiant  
ossified   tending to become more rigid, conventional,sterile with age; literally, turned into bone  
palliate   to make something seem less serious  
panegyric   formal praise, eulogy  
parsimonious   cheap  
peroration   the concluding part of a speech; flowery, rhetorical speech  
plangent   pounding, thundering  
prolix   long-winded, verbose  
propitiate   to appease  
puerile   childish  
puissance   power  
pusillanimous   cowardly, pussy  
remonstrate   to protest, object  
sagacious   having sound judgment  
salacious   lustful  
salutary   remedial, wholesome  
sanguine   cheerful, confident, optimistic  
saturnine   gloomy, dark  
sententious   aphoristic or moralistic  
stentorian   extremely loud and powerful  
stygian   gloomy, dark  
sycophant   toady, servile; parasite  
tendentious   biased  
timorous   timid  
tyro   novice  
vitiate   to corrupt  
voluble   fluent  


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Created by: Avery89 on 2011-09-06

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