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8a Legislative Branch - SMS

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

census   popuation count taken every 10 years  
presiding office in House of Rep.   Speaker of the House  
people a member of Congress represents   consituents  
plan for raising and spending money   budget  
chief officers of each party in Congress   floor leaders  
person who presides over the Senate in Vice President's place   president pro tempore  
accuse an offiial of serious wrongdoing   impeach  
area a House member represents   congressional district  
a proposed law   bill  
president prevents a bill from becoming a law by keeping it for 10 days while Congress in in session   pocket veto  
total # of member in the House   435 members  
total # of members in the Senate   100 members  
# of members in House needed to pass a bill   218 members  
# of members in Senate needed to pass a bill   51 members  
# of votes needed in House to override a President's veto   290 votes  
# of votes needed in Senate in order to override a President's veto   67 votes  
# of years a Congressman or woman serves in office   2 years  
# of years a Senator serves in office   6 years  
fraction of the Senate members that are re-elected every two years   one third  
names of Maine's two senators   Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins  
Congressmen from our district   Tom Allen  
name of th president of the Senate   Dick Cheney  
name of the president pro tempore   Ted Stevens  
name of the Speaker of the House   Denny Hangtot  
all members of congress must   live in the state that elects them  
congress has the power to...   control trade, coin money & declare war  
Elastic clause   gives Congress the right to make laws that are "necessary & proper" in order to carry out their powers  
writ of Habeous Corpus   brings someone to court  
power held by House but NOT by the Senate   ability to impeach & accuse officers  
powers of Congress are limited by...   President's veto, Supreme Court decisions and the Constitution  
# of president's who have been impeached and convicted   none  
purpose of a system of committee in Congress   to study bills  
before a bill reaches the President it passes through...   both houses and Congress  
after a president vetoes a bill...   congress can override it by 2/3 vote  
ONLY a membe of Congress can...   introdue a bill to Congress  
reason that a bill goes through many steps   to make sure it's studied with care  
if a majority can't stop a filibuster   the bill doesn't become a law  
filibusters occur only in the   Senate  
Senators focus on interests of the   whole state  
3 ways to stop a bill from becoming a law   pocket veto, filibuster, veto  
Vice President's only constitutional responsibility   to be the president of the Senate  


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Created by: SimardRR on 2007-02-02

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