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Elem Ed curriculum instruction assessment

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Word cards or labels used to build literacy are..   Environmental print  
Operant model in behavioral theory, negative reinforcement is   removing a stimulus in order to cause a behavior to increase.  
Language Arts teacher implements a variety of instructional strategies; independent reading, partners, small groups; teacher led or student led; fiction and nonfiction is a   balanced literacy approach  
Students are participating in planning of class party. Decisions regarding supplies will be discussed during math. This task will help with their__________________ skills.   exact computation  
Students read a book about bullying and asked to write a letter in perspective of a bystander and why they didn't help. Which Bloom's Taxonomy level is this?   Evaluation  
The most effective writing program for teaching multicultural students is   conducted by a teacher who engages the students in story starters, language games, and worksheets developed for the purpose of creative writing.  
What type of literature is characterized as stories written to explain things that the teller does not understand?   Myth  
Why should children be encouraged to figure out structure and features of the text they are attempting to comprehend and remember?   Helps students understand how author has organized material, look and discuss text features & structure, opportunity for teacher to point out most salient features, and discussions help make connections w/new material and what is already known  
Day 10 of unit was Field Trip Day. Notes taken on what was seen, heard and experienced. This allowed students...   to make connections between their current skills and those that were new to them.  
Giving the students a choice of field trip locations was meant to   respect differences and enhance the students understanding of the society in which they live and as an example of an array of instructional strategies.  
Writing that explains or shares information is..   Expository  
The writer presents his or her opinion and tries to convince the reader to agree.   Persuasive  
Writing that tells a story, whether true or fictional.   Narrative  
describe a person, place or thing in such away that a picture is formed in the reader's mind.   Descriptive  
is used in all modes of writing; Expository, Narrative, and Persuasive to create a vivid and lasting impression of the person, place or thing.   Descriptive writing  
When developing a unit for elementary age students, assessments would be handled how?   Explain to the students each project in the unit,then describe what they will be asked to do.  
Detailed journalling of eventful exchanges- positive and negative is a way...   of understanding individual students, monitoring instructional effectiveness and shaping instruction.  
Showing students color picture of complex factals and asking them for ideas about how they could be drawn mathematically is   an appropriate strategy to first use when developing a new math project  
Stage of development students learn to spell and write is   the phonetic stage  
Amount of time spent on a task can be determined by   behaviorial observation  
Differentiated instruction   is the best way for a teacher to address the needs of all the students.  
A quiet classroom   is inappropriate for some learning activities  
Sequence of child development is   learning to trust others, developing independence then moral development  
Students are exploring containers of different volumes of water.   This is most likely teaching conservation.  
Discussing the influence of the past on the present community, and then asking students to project what the community might be like in 100 years   Would encourage the highest level of thinking by the students.  
Keeping gifted students challenged during world history would best be accomplished by   encouraging students to plan learning activities of their own.  
A national mathematics standard in the area of measurement would be...   All students should carry out simple unit conversions, such as from centimeters to meters.  
A strategy that allows students to change roles: They act both as students and teachers; used in groups and changing roles in and out of the groupA   Collaboration  
To help identify baseline information of students learning styles is best done by   recording observations of individual students behaviors over a period of several weeks.  
Students are have been learning about global warming the best way to assess is   by writing an essay  
Dance can reflect religion of culture by   offering adoration and worship of deity, appealing to the deity for survival in war, asking deity for success in the hunt and miming the action of planting and harvesting crops.  
Table tennis game is scored to   21 points with a margin of 2.  
Harmony refers to   the way chords are constructed and how they follow each other and a chord is a combination of three or more tones sounded at once  
Music is important to incorporate in students daily activities because   making and listenting to music is part of our cultural experience and provides opportunities for personal asthetic growth.  


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Created by: gmtemple