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Insect pest management short answer

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Instar   The actual insect between molts  
The three basic arrangements in which insect eggs may be laid are   a. Singly b. In clumps c. In a contiguous mass  
The two most important events in insect mating behavior are   a. Finding suitable mates b. Copulation  
The three major divisions of the insect life-cycle are   a. Reproduction and embryonic development b. Postembryonic growth and development c. Maturity  
Define:Sclerotization   The process of an insect’s new cuticle becoming hardened (and pigmented) after molting  
Insect Generation   A cohort of offspring from a parent population moving through the life cycle together  
Stadium   The time period between molts  
Oviposition   The act of egg laying by the adult female insect  
Univoltine seasonal cycle   Insects having a single generation (life cycle) per year  
Multivolting seasonal cycle   Insects having multiple generations per year  
Alternating generations   Successive generations may have a different in mode of reproduction or morphology  
Dormancy   A seasonally recurring period in the life-cycle when growth, development and reproduction are suppressed  
Supercooling   Resistance to freezing by lowering the temperature at which body fluids freeze  
Insect Diapause   A physiological process that controls dormancy, seasonal migration and morphological change  
Classification   The ordering organisms into categories  
Nomenclature   The naming of organisms  
Taxonomy   The theoretical basis for classification and the study of classification schemes  
Systematics   The study of the diversity and classification of organisms  


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Created by: cestes1abac