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The first and last names of the 44 Presidents of the United States.

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

1   George Washington  
2   John Adams  
3   Thomas Jefferson  
4   James Madison  
5   James Monroe  
6   John Quincey Adams  
7   Andrew Jackson  
8   Martin Van Buren  
9   William Harrison  
10   John Tyler  
11   James Polk  
12   Zachary Taylor  
13   Millard Fillmore  
14   Franklin Pierce  
15   James Buchanan  
16   Abraham Lincoln  
17   Andrew Johnson  
18   Ulysses Grant  
19   Rutherford Hayes  
20   James Garfield  
21   Chester Arthur  
22   Grover Cleveland  
23   Benjamin Harrison  
24   Grover Cleveland  
25   William McKinley  
26   Theodore Roosevelt  
27   William Taft  
28   Woodrow Wilson  
29   Warren Harding  
30   Calvin Coolidge  
31   Herbert Hoover  
32   Franklin Roosevelt  
33   Harry Truman  
34   Dwight Eisenhower  
35   John Kennedy  
36   Lyndon Johnson  
37   Richard Nixon  
38   Gerald Ford  
39   James Carter  
40   Ronald Reagan  
41   George Bush  
42   Bill Clinton  
43   George W. Bush  
44   Barack Obama  


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Created by: Girsgirl52 on 2010-08-19

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