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Vocabulary about Microsoft Windows

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Vocabulary Name
folders   storage area used in windows for files  
Desktop   appears at boot up and contains icons  
Icon   shortcut, symbol, or a picture that represents a program or application.  
Start Button   opens the start menu and accesses programs.  
My Computer   displays all drives connected to your computer so you can access the drives.  
Shortcut   allows you to open an application without going through the start menu.  
Help   allows you to get assistance from windows.  
Recycle Bin   stores any deleted files  
Shut Down   turns off your computer safely.  
Log Off   disconnects you from the network.  
Legend Bar   information bar that divides the window into columns when in a detailed window.  
Object   displayed as a picture and is a icon, drive, program, etc....  
GUI   Graphical User Interface - object that appears as pictures - user friendly.  
Network Neighborhood   only appears when connected to a network, by clicking it allows you to access the network.  
Active Window   Window that appears on top of any other open window and it has the blue bar at the top.  
Hypertext Link   takes you to another location, usually blue.  
Pop Out Menu   appears on the side of an existing menu.  
Toolbar   represents shortcuts for menu items.  
Window Shade Menu   drop down menu  


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Created by: carieggen on 2004-03-10

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